Transforming 370 Buildings into Advanced and Energy-Saving Smart Ones with IoT in Spain

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Existing buildings make up the vast majority of the building stock. It's no wonder that countries around the world are investing in and developing successful smart building energy management to achieve energy efficiency goals. As the number of smart building devices, applications and solution providers continues to grow, it is critical to choose the right technology base. Not only have these technologies revolutionized the way we interact with our living and working spaces, but they also play a key role in optimizing energy efficiency, cutting operational costs and improving occupant comfort. 

Milesight is committed to staying at the forefront of digital sensing as technology evolves and customer needs change. This commitment includes utilizing market insights, investments in R&D, and most importantly, collaborations with excellent partners to shape a smarter and greener future.

From 2023 to 2024, our partner IoTsens has successfully deployed IoT solutions in a number of public buildings in several Spanish cities. with over 1,000 Milesight products deployed in nearly 370 buildings, IoTsens has helped its customers to achieve significant improvements in energy efficiency, cost savings, environmental quality, productivity, and more.

So, in this article, we wanted to find out the story behind the success of the projects and how it all started from IoTsens

quesstion mark Retrofit of existing buildings represent an opportunity to upgrade the overall performance of building assets for their ongoing life. Could you give us brief Introduction of projects, including the environment description and application?

The conversion of traditional buildings into smart buildings through the integration of smart devices, communication networks, and IoT platforms in various cities across the national territory (Spain) has been undertaken. A wide variety of devices with different applications have been utilized for this purpose. These include monitoring of electricity, thermal, water, and gas consumption, environmental quality, presence detection, luminosity, fire detection, among others. These initiatives aim to further advance the intelligent development of cities by transforming public buildings into smart buildings through their sensorization. This makes the management and provision of public services more efficient, directly impacting citizens.


quesstion mark What are the requirements or challenges of projects? What's the most serious problem?

There are so many stories to tell. But I'd like to touch on three that I've encountered. One, technological integration of different communication systems and client infrastructure. Two, designing each solution according to the specific needs of each building. And three, installation difficulty due to the dispersed locations of the buildings and dependence on external agents.


quesstion mark With all kinds of challenges IoTsens met, yet we've witness success projects launched over the two years. What kind of solution you provide to meet the needs and please explain the details if possible.

To meet the project's objectives, the most commonly used technology was LoRaWAN, due to its advantageous characteristics compared to other communication technologies, especially in projects of this scale. Over 1,800 IoT devices were deployed, with more than 1,000 being Milesight devices. These were distributed across over 370 buildings to sensorize different areas of each building, enabling real-time monitoring of the building's status, making timely decisions, and receiving alerts when pre-configured thresholds are reached.

milesight iotsens iot in spain topology

The devices include WS202, WS301, WS302, AM103L, VS133, EM300-TH, UC300, EM500, among others. Those devices were installed in a way to minimize their visual impact, and a LoRaWAN network was deployed through gateways in each building to provide coverage. These gateways transmit information to the LoRa Network Server based on ChirpStack, which then passes it to the IoT Node, entirely developed by IoTsens. Here, the data is decoded, analyzed, and processed. Additionally, devices connected via Ethernet communicate directly with the IoT Node. Through the IoT Node's API, the information is integrated with corresponding platforms depending on the project.

 milesight iotsens iot in spain dashboard a

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quesstion mark In all projects across various cities, what do you say about Milesight solutions? How does Milesight products work? 

Milesight devices provide IoTsens with the ease of configuration and flexibility necessary for a project of this magnitude to become successful. The extensive prior experience that IoTsens has gained over the years using Milesight devices in numerous projects made the decision to rely on you for this ambitious project a straightforward one. The reliability of operation and the data obtained during the project are more than satisfactory.


quesstion mark What are the benefits of this project and how can it help improve work/life efficiency?

The deployed solution enables building managers, visitors, and all citizens to enjoy various benefits, including full integration and knowledge of the buildings' situation, increased user comfort, reduced maintenance costs, decreased CO2 emissions, optimization of resources used, and extended building lifespan.


quesstion mark Why chose Milesight products? 

IoTsens has been relying on Milesight devices for many years across a wide variety of projects, and several reasons explain this choice. Firstly, Milesight stands out for its commitment to innovation and excellence, providing reliable and high-performance devices, which has been reflected in the projects we have carried out together. Additionally, you offer exceptional customer service, providing personalized assistance at all times. Lastly, in terms of pricing, you offer solutions that are accessible without compromising on quality. This makes Milesight one of IoTsens' top trusted partners.


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