How to Prompt Competition with Panoramic Cameras in a Large Shopping Mall

Panoramic cameras often offer broader views to monitor large spaces like shopping, airports, and large parking lots. However, the increased needs require Panoramic cameras to offer powerful features to optimize occupants' experiences.

In recent years, many customers have preferred shopping online for quite a while. However, based on research, about 38% of customers choose to go shopping at the large mall more often now than two years ago. One of the main reasons why physical stores remain popular is to deliver a powerful brand experiences to customers. Although in-store shopping brings interpersonal experiences and immediate gratification, customers still expect to embrace digital technology at large comprehensive shopping malls, which means optimizing shopping experiences and maintaining efficiency are priorities for owners to take into consideration.


Safety and Security are Fundamental

Obviously, large shopping malls, public gathering places for people of all types and ages, are designed to be easily accessible. At the same time, keeping out the dangerous elements is required. For example, valuable items easily catch theft’s attention or serve violent crimes. meanwhile, it is vital to respond immediately to the emergency, for instance, unauthorized entry, children lost, risk of vandalism, extreme crowd problems, etc.

Ensuring a wide file of coverage is necessary. 180° or 360° Panoramic Cameras are designed to capture a full 360-degree view. Yet how does it work? Panoramic cameras use multiple lenses or a single wide-angle lens to capture images of a scene from different angles simultaneously. The cameras then stitch the images together using specialized software to create a seamless, panoramic view of the entire scene.In the case of 180° panoramic cameras, they capture images from one side of the scene to the other, creating a half-circle view. While in the case of 360° panoramic cameras, they capture images from all directions, creating a full circle view.

Therefore, this extensive overview seamlessly monitors every corner the traditional camera could not capture completely. Meanwhile, it also can help to reduce blind spots, which effectively prevents crime. For example, a large shopping mall has multiple entrances and exits, making it easy for criminals to slip without being noticed. Compared with traditional cameras with narrow views, which require various installments, using panoramic cameras effectively to keep security of the perimeter with great details and capture high-quality images as evidence is cost-effective. In addition, the On-board/Client-side dewarping technology offers multiple alternative image combinations without distortion.


Improve Customer Experiences

The increasing expectation of pleasure and efficiency is the key driver influencing attraction and competition in on-store shopping. To achieve the goal effectively, embeded AI algorithm with panoramic cameras is beneficial to optimize shopping experiences with on-real time data analytics. For instance, Crow management is a big challenge for traditional shopping malls during holidays or sales events. However, 360° panoramic Fisheye cameras with the advanced function of regional people counting offers the best win to evaluate and alleviate crowed queue condition and reduces dissatisfaction of long line waiting. At the same time, real-time regional density evaluation is essential to ensure the safety of shoppers and prevent incidents like stampedes.

Besides we discussed above, 360° panoramic Fisheye cameras monitor and detect multi-faced foot traffic to provide valuable insights into shopper behaviors, which helps mall management to optimize store layouts. Meanwhile, understanding the people flow patterns by heat map help mall operator to target market campaigns at specific locations and increase revenue.

On the other hand, accidents occur quite often at the large shopping mall and quick response is one of the most important elements enhances the shoppers’ engagement. For example, Items lost or left commonly happen, which wastes time and labor force if you check the counting sheet manually to determine whether it belongs to personal stuff or goods. 180°or 360° Network cameras with AI analytics can intelligently identify the video contents and send a warning alarm to relative staff to react quickly.

Parking lots management for shopping mall should not be ignored as well. Parking lots can be dangerous places for shoppers, especially at night or in poorly lit areas. In order to offer a safe environment for shoppers, a 180° panoramic camera with IP67&IK10, which strongly adapt to the harsh climate, can be installed to deliver highly detailed color images even in low light environments reaching 0.005Lux to prevent assaults, robberies, or other crimes against people. Most importantly, 360° panoramic Fisheye cameras with analytics can detect and count the number of vehicles, enhancing the efficiency of vacant slot searching and minimizing congestion of shoppers by evaluating vehicle density.


Improve Existing Camera Systems

Ensuring security for large areas in shopping malls is essential for 180° or 360° Panoramic Cameras. However, due to increasing customer expectations and pressures of operational revenues, panoramic cameras are expected to have more powerful features. Therefore, if you want to install AI panoramic cameras, please bear in mind for the following tips:

  • Cost-effective and easy-installed panoramic cameras effectively leverage the benefits.
  • Adapt to low light environments with Smart IR technology to capture vivid details even at night based on 4K resolutions and 120 Super WDR.
  • Have the powerful decoding capacity to showcase all on-real time images through different angles conveniently.
  • With a deep AI algorithm with multiple event rules for safety issues while it also optimizes customer experiences by advanced heat map.


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