Alleviate Energy Crisis: Reduce Power Consumption and Enjoy Smart Control with Milesight Smart Portable Socket

Alleviate Energy Crisis: Reduce Power Consumption and Enjoy Smart Control with Milesight Smart Portable Socket


The Russo-Ukrainian War sparked a global energy crisis – a shock of unprecedented breadth and complexity. The world falls into uncertainty making a profound impact on all aspects of life. As electricity prices soar, spending on the energy crisis extends to massive utility bailouts. Besides putting policies in place to curb the impact of rising prices and shortfalls to shield consumers from the immediate impacts, reducing electrical power consumption in an efficient and convenient way in daily life is also essential for a long-term response to the energy crisis.  


  • Lack of Multiple and Smart Controls

It is difficult to realize remote, timing automatic switching of appliances according to the different conditions.

  • Lack of Analysis

Admins are unable to know in time the reasons behind the power waste without the help of monitoring devices and data analysis.

  • Complex and Time-Consuming Installation

Upgrading conventional appliances and installing new solutions is a complex and time-consuming task and costs huge amounts of money.  

Featured Product

WS52x Smart Portable Socket

  • Based on LoRaWAN® Technology
  • Remote ON/OFF
  • Power Consumption Measurement
  • Time-Based ON/OFF
  • Overload Protection

WS52x Smart Portable Socket


 Reduce Power Consumption Topology

Milesight’s WS52x Smart Portable Socket is a LoRaWAN® smart portable socket which contributes significantly to wireless and smart control of indoor lights, fans, heaters, machines, etc. By easily connecting WS52x to appliances, WS52x provides customers the capacity to realize remote, time-based, bulk, and conditional-based control. Take standby power consumption reduction as an example. Standby power consumption is imperceptible but overall consumption is unexpectedly huge. When connecting WS52x to appliances, such as water dispensers, printers, ventilation fans and so on, WS52x can automatically cut off power to eliminate standby power consumption during the after-work time and turn them on during the working time. By adopting smart control to increase efficient power use, WS52x helps to reduce power consumption without adjusting occupants’ day-to-day behaviors in the long run. In addition, understanding consumption is key to reducing power consumption. WS52x can be connected to Milesight IoT Cloud or other platforms enabling admins to remotely monitor electrical consumption in real time. The reliable usage data provided by WS52x gives admins the capacity to understand energy consumption and identify abnormal consumption trends that could lead to higher costs. With real-time data-driven insights into energy consumption and smart control to eliminate waste or unexpected consumption, WS52x is an efficient device to reduce power consumption.  


  • Automate Traditional Electrical Appliances with Ease

Enjoy smart control with remote, time-based, bulk, and conditional-based control.

  • Real-Time Data-Driven Insights into Power Consumption

By tracking the energy usage, the admin can get direct statistics on power consumption and implement a data-driven strategy to reduce power consumption.

  • Easy to Install and Easy to Use

Powered by LoRaWAN® technology, users can enjoy simplified deployment and wireless monitoring and control.

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