Enhancing SCADA System in Solar Power Plants with Milesight 5G Industrial Cellular Router

enhancing scada system in solar power plants with milesight 5g industrial cellular router Background

The Middle East receives ample sunlight and has vast unpopulated desert landscapes optimal for solar-energy harvesting. With the impact of incentive policies for renewable energy, more and more solar power plants (SPPs) were put into operation in the Middle East, especially in Dubai and UAE. Usually, power plants require the installation of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for remote monitoring and control. However, these power plants are usually located in rural areas far where wiring internet facilities are limited. Hence, 5G is the right choice for power plants to provide high security, high speeds, and low latency network. What’s more, governments in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations have incorporated 5G advancement within their national economic plans. In this scenario, Milesight UR75 5G industrial cellular router is the  ideal network equipment to enhance SCADA systems in power plants.


Many devices of SCADA systems used in power plants need to be integrated into the network which has a high requirement for network devices. It requires: • Dual sim for failover • Reliable cellular connection • VPNs for secure communication • Connect a large number of field devices to the network

5G for SCADA System

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5G, the 5th generation mobile network, has features of high performance, high reliability, high speed, and low latency which enhance the performance and efficiency of the SCADA Systems which are used to monitor and control various equipment in power plants. Milesight UR75 5G Cellular Router provides a stable and reliable 5G network for SCADA Systems to monitor various field data such as speed of electrical machines, power apparatus health, the status of safety equipment, etc. Also, the Low latency of the 5G Router secures nearly real-time control of SCADA systems. It will be easy to install the SCADA systems and connect them to the cloud via UR75, getting rid of all the expensive and dangerous manual operations and low-end systems.

Featured Product

Milesight UR75 5G Industrial Cellular Router

Featuring the latest and fastest cellular technology – 5G, UR75 is not only an intelligent industrial IoT router, but also an unrivaled wireless networking solution. UR75 has 2 SIM card slots and 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports to ensure high-speed data transmission. To meet the needs of connecting with other devices, UR75 offers rich interfaces including 1 RS232 serial port, 1 RS485 serial port, and digital input-output.


• Secure and Stable Connectivity The integrated stateful firewall, various VPN tunnels and Dual SIM connections for UR75 guarantee a stable and secure data transmission for the SCADA system.

• Real-time Data Collection and Remote Control Data can be collected and analyzed in real-time to improve the high-efficiency monitoring. 5G also guarantees real-time control of PLC which is essential to keep the power plant in safe operation.

• Easy Management and Maintenance The UR75 offers operational efficiency in device management with Milesight DeviceHub. Users can configure devices, and upgrade the firmware in bulk and remotely.    

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