A New Addition to the Milesight CoWork Series: Switching to Energy-Efficient Workplace Buildings with LoRaWAN® Technology

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Energy efficiency can be defined as using the same or less amount of energy to produce a better output or using less energy to accomplish the same task or enjoy the same comfort level. It is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to combat the waste of corporate resources and improve the competitiveness of business. In every workplace building, wall switches are standard devices that could be easily found. Occasionally, energy is wasted if the devices are left switched on unintentionally. So, deploying smart switches could be a great start to swap into a smart world without unnecessary efforts.

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Lack of Alarming

Waste of energy is difficult to be detected without the aid of a measuring or monitoring device. These issues arise due to the absence of convenient wall outlets for controlling and monitoring.

Rigid Adjustment

Traditionally, switching on/off equipment could only be operated by a person on site. This is cumbersome and difficult to schedule from a remote location or to reschedule automatically depending on the situation.


Milesight CoWork Series works to enable high-performing, energy-efficient and demand-flexible workplace buildings, in support of an equitable transition to a decarbonized energy system. With LoRaWAN® technology, WS50x Smart Wall Switch is truly helpful and reliable on device control and switch. And it is 3-wire circuit and can be configured, which means customers just simply attach the NFC reader onto the device. The switch is also equipped with built-in a LED indicator so customers can find their way easily even in a dark environment. Furthermore, all the data can be presented and generated as reports on Milesight IoT Cloud platform, allowing the users to proceed with its improvement by taking the necessary actions.

Featued Products

WS50x Wall Switch

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Flexible Control with Cost-Saving

To avail the benefit of reduced energy bills, customers can make detailed schedules scene-based from anywhere. Customers can monitor and calculate the power consumption precisely which could provide reliable reports to improve energy usage.

1 Second Response Time

In the situation of equipment switching, the lower the latency, the better the user experience. So, in line with CoWork series products, Device-to-Device Collaborative Interaction is available in WS50x Wall Switch. It is the direct communication between devices without the involvement of network infrastructures. In Milesight products’ case, the response time is usually less than 1 second.

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