6 Tips to Troubleshoot Your Industrial Network


1. Connection Status

At times we would fail to log in the Web Gui of an industrial cellular router and we need to pinpoint out the causes to troubleshoot industrial network. Firstly we should check its connection status to see whether the device has malfunctions on the hardware. For example, we can check the connection status by testing the LED light on the panel.

2. Input Voltage

If the LED light isn’t blinking then you should check the input voltage. You need to adopt a new industrial router. However, if the LED light is on for quite a long time, there’s still something wrong. You may consider check all the broadband lines or use another Ethernet cable.

3. LAN Workstation

After making sure that the connection status of the industrial router is okay, we may enter the LAN workstation to check the current network connectivity and see if the IP address used by the workstation is a dynamic or a static address. If the previous address is a dynamic address, then we can try to modify the IP address of workstation to use a static IP address and turn off the network firewall locally.

4. IE Setting

We can still manage to change the IE setting to recover the internet connection. Firstly, choose “Internet Options”-->“Connections”-->“Never Dial a Connection”; secondly, click “LAN Settings” to clear up all the options. Lastly, click “apply” and “ok”.

5. Connection Modes

In the case where the LAN is connected to the Internet through an industrial wireless router, if the LAN workstation is unstable namely switching quickly between connecting and disconnecting status, then we should first check the internet connection, especially the parameters. To troubleshoot industrial network, you should check whether the connection mode of the device is properly set by entering the Web GUI of the device.

6. Reboot the Device

Reboot the industrial cellular router by pressing on the reset button to make everything stay on factory default status.

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