How 4G Wireless Traffic Cameras are Revolutionizing Traffic Management

Most license plate recognition (LPR) cameras are typically installed along main roads with cables, requiring significant resources for installation and maintenance. As a result, many road sections within urban areas lack real-time and effective traffic enforcement control.

In this blog, we will explore how wireless traffic cameras can do a great job in these areas, providing information through their advantages of easy deployment, scalability, and real-time performance. By leveraging these benefits, it weaves a more comprehensive traffic net and helps managers make more informed decisions.

1. Easy Deployment to Cover More and Manage More 

Anyone can set it up with ease. For starters, you can choose any location you wish to monitor vehicle traffic, and that's all. There is no need to lay cables or network wires, purchase distribution boxes, or rely on professional installers. Eliminating the need for expensive wiring and installation costs, this can save a considerable amount of money.

Since there are no electric cables or networking wires involved, maintenance is minimal, and the risk of damage caused by cable cuts, riots, or other incidents is eliminated.

Milesight 4G Solar-powered Traffic Sensing Camera can perfectly meet your need to enhance security in specific lanes you are concerned about. Its 4G cellular and Solar-powered technology allows for the wireless deployment, making it nearly no-cost to install and durable outdoors.

The radar helps to capture vehicle passing by accurately even in low light and offer valuable vehicle images as potential evidence.


2. High Scalability Builds ComprehensiveTraffic System

Scalability is one of the key advantages of wireless traffic cameras, thanks to their easy-to-deploy feature. Since traffic is ever-change, wireless cameras can be easily expanded and integrated into diverse traffic systems from small-scale local monitoring to large-scale city-wide networks.

For instance, by installing multiple 4G solar-powered Traffic Sensing Cameras, leads to a safer community by enabling the detection and capture of stolen or criminal vehicles as soon as they enter the residential area. And the authorities can take necessary actions to prevent any potential harm to the community and use images as evidence to enforce traffic laws.

What’s more, to cater to the demands of mobile monitoring, 4G solar-powered Traffic Sensing Camera can work perfectly with trailers to enhance real-time traffic monitoring. The camera is built with the rugged durability of IP66 water-proofing, ensuring continuous coverage while on the move.

4G Wireless Camera - The Best Choice for Historical Roads

Low Emission Zones (LEZs) are more and more commonplace in European countries like the UK, Germany, Italy, etc. LEZs are designated areas where certain types of vehicles, typically those with high emissions, are restricted or banned to reduce air pollution. 

What needs to highlight is that area is spread over the historical road that is hard to install portal gantry cranes and embed cables to activate ANPR cameras.

However, due to the easy-deployment feature, wireless traffic cameras can play a crucial role in monitoring the types of vehicles that enter and exit the LEZ, automatically identifying and issuing fines to non-compliant vehicles.

In conclusion, wireless traffic cameras are a vital component of smart traffic management systems. These cameras are easy to deploy and flexible enough to install in areas where regular LPR cameras are hard to reach. And they can offer effective information and seamlessly integrate with back-end platforms to achieve more smart functions. What's more, with the combination of AIoT technology that Milesight has been diving into, the smart traffic management system is right up ahead.

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