Milesight Endeavors to Innovate Your Security Life

Beijing, China (October 28th, 2014) - Milesight, the forerunner in network video surveillance solutions, attended the Security China 2014 from October 28th to 31st, following the same spirit of innovation.

Brilliant 20 years' effort makes Security China one of the world's largest security exhibitions. Global professionals and influential security companies gathered, exchanging latest technology and market trend.

Milesight, during the exhibition, debuted with its newly-launched 4K NVR and Ambarella chipset embodied video surveillance solution to satisfy increasingly demanding market.

Continuing its principle of market orientation and technical innovation, Milesight 4K NVR boasts with intelligence technology, ultra-high-definition viewing experience, multi-screen HD video display, etc. Milesight 4K NVR employs next-generation video compression-H.265 (also known as High Efficiency Video Coding, HEVC), which delivers crisper video contents and claims 50% less bandwidth. It can seamlessly synthesize four-channel 1080P image into a full image and allow live multi-screen view, ensuring clear, distortionless image quality. Additionally, Milesight 4K NVR has been able to achieve video intelligent retrieval functions, including real-time video analysis, video summary, and video slice, which will further improve the accuracy of video analysis results and reduce false alarm rate.

To fulfill demanding image needs and wants, Milesight adds Ambarella chip embodied video surveillance solution to its line-up. It is first used in Milesight bullet-type network cameras. With Milesight R&D team' s time and effort spending, Milesight new bullet-type camera with Ambarella program yields excellent image clarity even in extreme lighting conditions, such as dark condition, high-contrast condition, etc. Equipped with professional broadcast encoding and 3D noise reduction technology, it delivers outstandingly detailed image without causing blur to it, especially noticeable in low-light indoor scenes. For high-contrast and outdoor scenes, Ambarella's automatic exposure correction adjusts each pixel to highlight sharp details in case of being overexposed or underexposed. Featuring P-iris control, Milesight new bullet-type network camera provides optimal experience of depth of field, image contrast, resolution and clarity, redefining what you should expect from IP camera viewing.

Again, Milesight's purport and practice of innovation, dedication, and responsiveness win recognition, respect and support of most customers and peers in Security China.


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