Mini Cube Camera Wins Novelty Product in All-over-IP Russia

Xiamen, China (November 21th, 2014)-Milesight is honored to announce that its Mini Cube network camera has been endowed in All-over-IP Awards 2014, as the most innovative novelty product of the year. All-over-IP, the most international among high-tech networking events in Russia today, establishes the award ceremony to honor outstanding performance of network products and solutions in the past year.

The seventh annual All-over-IP 2014 Russia was held on November 19th and 20th in Moscow. IPmatika, Milesight's valued and respected representative in Russia, brings Milesight's IP video surveillance solution to this exhibition.

During the event, IPmatika grandly demonstrates Milesight IP video surveillance product, including IR mini dome, motorized bullet, vandal-proof dome and SIP cube network camera, etc. With a couple of monitors showing the live video from Milesight IP camera, visitors have been attracted by the superior image quality.

Milesight Award-winning SIP cube network camera is an ultra-mini size network camera with an elegant design, especially suitable for indoor applications in which discreetness is of utmost importance. A removable IR-cut filter as well as improved IR illuminators, effective up to 15m, ensures that cube camera can secure superior image quality around the clock. Featured with built-in microphone and speaker, the SIP cube camera combines SIP/VoIP technologies together for bi-directional audio monitoring/ alarm etc. to phone system. The solution connects the SIP IP camera, Video SIP phone, IPPBX, as well as your mobile devices (such as iPad, IPhone and Android Phone), which enriches your IP surveillance system.

Milesight is committed to providing innovative and superior quality product. We're honored to be recognized for this commitment in the form of the All-over-IP Award. The recognition for our efforts inspires us to constant pursue the highest possible performance from its ever growing line of IP surveillance products, as we always do.


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