Milesight Releases Optimized Smart Tools V2.2.0.2

Xiamen, China (February 3rd, 2016)-Milesight, the leader in IP-based megapixel video surveillance solutions, announces the release of its optimized Smart Tools V2.2.0.2, a powerful assisting software which provides users a quick way for batch management of Milesight devices connected in the LAN. The improved Smart Tools V2.2.0.2 is easy to install and use with a wide array of smart features for multiple Milesight devices configuration and maintenance.

Innovative UI design
The uer interface of Smart Tools V2.2.0.2 has been refined on a large scale and the much more intuitive one makes the device management operations easily accessed from menus and direct access icons. The creative UI design aims to boost user experience in a comfortable and efficient way.

Smart devices discovery and filter
Smart Tools V2.2.0.2 is capable of learning the network environments and automatically finding out Milesight network cameras and network video recorders connected in the LAN according to your search criteria.

Integrated IPC Tools, NVR Tools and Calculators
Smart Tools V2.2.0.2 integrated IPC Tools with NVR Tools and Calculators. The functionality is more powerful, so that it can conveniently configure and modify, show connection status, restore camera configuration, manage firmware upgrades and quickly calculate the matching number for multiple Milesight devices at once. That dramaticly saves your time and avoids tedious works.

Milesight Smart Tools V2.2.0.2 has greatly optimized on the basis of previous version and can benefit system integrators and installers who often have projects that need to set up multiple devices with the same settings at once. Being customer-oriented, Smart Tools V2.2.0.2 is developed with easy installation and management functions. With just a few clicks, users are able to quickly manage masses of devices and avoid time-consuming tasks. The release of Smart Tools V2.2.0.2 reflects Milesight`s commitment to continuously providing convenient and powerful management software for our partners and customers.

See how the latest version of our continuously improved Smart Tools V2.2.0.2 efficiently assisting your surveillance:

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