NVR's Firmware Change Log of Version 7X.7.0.5-r18

Milesight updated the NVR firmware version to 7X.7.0.5-r18, which brought better camera management and user experience for customers.

Xiamen, China (January 25th, 2017)-Milesight, the leader in IP-based megapixel video surveillance solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version 7X.7.0.5-r18 of the Milesight NVR. This updated release includes new features, improvements and bug fixes as below.


1. Update CGI command to new version;
2. Add "QR Code" to P2P in Network setting for better user experience;
3. Support to have an option to keep current IP address after reset;
4. Support to remember the last Live View before restarting or logging out;
5. Simplify the View layout method in monitor;
6. Support RTSP streams for each channel;
7. Add 1+31 View layout in monitor;
8. Fix the problem that Zoom in function would time out in the live view of web page;
9. Optimize some SDK functions for CMS and other applications;
10. Compatible with Bosch Speed Dome camera;

Bug Fixes:

1. Fix the issue that GUI died when entering the monitor Record interface;
2. Fix the issue that HDD was uninstalled if created RAID when HHD was working;
3. Fix the issue that Holiday Configuration failed to be saved after clicking OK button;
4. Fix the issue that message was kept processing when the number exceeded 1000;
5. Fix the issue that 1+11 View Layout misplaced under the resolution of 1024*768;
6. Fix the issue that changing a camera's IP address to an existing one would be successful;
7. Fix the issue that switching between Balance and Best Frequency would cause freezing or delay in Live View;
8. Fix the issue that videos might fail to be download when played back.

Here are the download links:
For MS-N1009-UT/1009-UPT/5016-UPT:
For MS-N5016-UH/7016-UH/7032-UH/8032-UH/8064-UH/7032-UPH:

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