NVR's Firmware Change Log of Version 7X.8.0.2-r1

Milesight updated the NVR firmware version to 7X.8.0.2-r1, which brings better camera management and user experience for customers.

Xiamen, China (January 29th, 2018)-Milesight Technology Co.,Ltd. the best-in-class IP surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version 7X.8.0.2-r1 of NVR. This updated release includes improvements and bug fixes as below.

1. Support to pop up the event screen on monitor. The channel will pop up to full screen when a motion detection is triggered;
2. The monitor is compatible with Milesight Fisheye camera. Users can expand the Fisheye Mode panel by clicking the icons on tool bar, then set the installation mode and display mode. Please note that the Fisheye camera's firmware version should be or above;
3. Milesight PoE NVR can detect the third party ONVIF PoE Cameras which are plugged into NVR PoE ports, then user can search out and add them to NVR manually;
4. Support to set Smart Stream for Milesight Cameras. Please note that the Camera's firmware version should be V4x.7.0.63 or above;
5. Add UPnP function to make port forwarding much easier. If router supports UPnP, then NVR will do port forwarding automatically on router once you enable the option;
6. Add page displaying on Monitor Live View;
7. Add PoE Ports Status interface of Milesight PoE NVR Series to display the current PoE ports' power and status;
8. Separate the Corridor Mode from Image Rotation. Please note that the Camera's firmware version should be V4x.7.0.63 or above;
9. Add Auto Logout option on NVR Web to make it auto log out as set when user's login session time out;
10. Add Channel Select option on monitor Playback, which is convenient for selecting playback channel;
11. Optimize the main screen and sub screen control mechanism of NVR 8000 series, it will not change the controlled screen after NVR reboot. For example, if you are operating the sub screen before reboot, then NVR will log in on sub screen after reboot;
12. Compatible with the new version of MS-N1009-UPT, which has power button on front panel;
13. Add Hebrew language to Monitor.

Bug Fixes:
1. Optimize the recording capacity of RAID 5, making streams much more fluent;
2. Optimize the video backup of motion detection;
3. Fix the issue that Milesight DDNS can't be successfully enabled;
4. Fix the issue that Outlook mail can't be registered successfully in SMTP interface;
5. Fix the issue that APP(M-Sight Pro) easily stop playing video when the NVR is in a low upload bandwidth;
6. Making a better compatibility with CMS;
7. Update the web plug-in of Windows and MAC system;
8. Making the live view menu on monitor more user friendly;
9. Fix other bugs.

Here are the download links:
For MS-N1009-UT/1009-UNT/5016-UT/1009-UPT/5016-UPT (72. 8. 0. 2-r1):
For MS-N5032-UH/7016-UH/7032-UH/8032-UH/8064-UH/7032-UPH (71. 8. 0. 2-r1):

1) If you failed to download the firmwares by clicking the links directly, please copy the links to browser to download them.
2) The second number stands for the major version number, while the last two numbers means the sub version number. Take for example, it means the NVR's main version is 8 and it's sub version is 2.

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