Camera's Change Log of Version XX.7.0.63

New firmware version of XX.7.0.63 for network camera with new features, optimizations and bug fixes.

Xiamen, China (February 5th, 2018)-Milesight Technology Co., Ltd. the best-in-class IP surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version of XX.7.0.63 for network cameras.

The upgraded version will greatly enhance its performance and decrease its inconvenience to make the camera more user-friendly. Supporting Smart Stream, the performance of the stream would be greatly improved to reduce the bandwidth and data storage requirements. Also, the upgraded CGI allows the Smart Event functionality.

New Features
1. Support ABF Pro Box Network Camera;
2. Compatible with Sony sensor IMX385;
3. Update the CGI which can support Smart Event;
4. Support Smart Stream for Primary Stream, Secondary Stream and Tertiary Stream, and level 0~10 are available to reduce the bandwidth and the data storage requirements for network cameras;
5. Support to upload audio files to SD card for H.265 series;
6. Add Day/Night Mode to Enhancement page which supports to synchronize WDR/HLC with Day Enhancement Mode/Night Enhancement Mode;
7. Add Privacy Mask to PTZ Network Camera Series, and the mask area will not move as the lens moves;
8. Add Power Off Memory function to the PTZ Network Camera Series. With this function, the camera will be back to the position where it was before it powered off. The Resume Time means that the camera should be at the position (before powered off) for the set time, then the Power Off Memory will take effect;
9. Add custom configuration to White LED;
10. Support Call Preset/Patrol/Pattern to External Input;
11. Support Auto Reboot function;
12. Support to zoom in or zoom out by phone key 7 or 9 via DTMF when having a SIP phone call;
13. Support to modify the stream setting when connecting cameras via P2P through mobile APP;

1. Optimize the image sharpness of Fixed Lens Network Camera series;
2. Optimize the accuracy of 3D positioning;
3. Optimize the focus performance of Motorized Lens network camera series, PTZ Network Camera and Speed Dome Network Camera;
4. Support to set the amounts of snapshots that could be sent by an email when an alarm need to be uploaded via SMTP;
5. Optimize SD Card function;
6. Optimize the CPU overload problem of Smart Event;
7. Expand the tilt angle of Pan function of PTZ Bullet camera from 0°~45° to -15°~45°;
8. Optimize other functions.

Bug Fixes
1. Fix the audio issue;
2. Fix the problem of previewing video failed via UPnP;
3. Fix the problem that the Motion Detection alarm action can not be triggered in real time;
4. Fix the blinking problem of DC aperture;
5. Fix the SIP issue, and now it is compatible with H.323 protocol;
6. Fix other bugs.

Download: for applicable models MS-CXXXX-XXA for applicable models MS-CXXXX-XXB for applicable models MS-C8262-F(I)PB

(1) This firmware version is suitable for those cameras with a mark "A" or "B" in the model name, for example MS-C3586-PA and MS-C2972-FPB.
(2) If you failed to get the upgrade firmware through clicking the link directly, please copy the link to browser manually.

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