Fresh New Experience of Milesight NVR 7X.9.0.X

7X.9.0.X is designed to make your NVR run faster, more responsive, more stable and more delightful with a brand-new file system in which Milesight VCA supported.

Xiamen, China (October 29th , 2018)-Milesight Technology Co., Ltd. the best-in-class IP surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, is pleased to announce the new firmware version 7X.9.0.X of Milesight NVR.

What’s the new features of the 7X.9.0.X? More than you think! There are nearly 40 new features in these version! Imagine what a different experience you will get after upgrade the new firmware! A lot to talk about with limited space, so that the most important upgrades will be showed here. The other? Just explore by yourself!

The first important one is that the new file system which is called Milesight File System (MSFS) will be used from 7X.9.0.X. This file system makes the NVR experience faster, more responsive, more stable and more delightful. And lots of optimization are based on it.

On the Playback interface, 7X.9.0.X adds Lock Record File, Tag Video and Playback File Management. Directly lock a record video so that the whole file where the video located won’t be overwritten. Also quick tag and customer tag are available for tag operation. File management allows to list and export all the operation you did including video clip, snapshot, locked file and tag this time until exiting the playback interface. All of these help you better manage what you are interested in playing the record videos. Apart from General playback, 7X.9.0.X also supports Event Playback, Tag Playback and Picture Playback. You can search out and play back what you need according to different playback modes.

On the new-added Retrieve interface, here are Common Backup, Event Backup and Picture Backup. Common Backup supports to search out record file according to different stream types, record types and file types you set. Event Backup allows to search out and backup picture according to event types. So as Picture Backup.

Another big update is that the NVR is compatible with Milesight 10 VCA functions, which greatly simplify and improve the process of setting up VCA for Milesight Cameras.

“We won’t stop to bring better video surveillance for Milesight customers. And we are sticking into ANR and N+1 Failover development for Milesight NVR, which wouldn’t be waited for long. You will see them soon.” said Leon Jiang, VP of Milesight.

1) Disk initializing and record schedule setting must be done again after upgraded to V7X.9.0.1.
2) NVR can't be downgraded once it has been upgraded to V7X.9.0.1.
3) All software should be upgraded to the latest version if you use NVR with them, it includes web plug-in, Android APP (V3.1.0.2-r1), iOS APP (V3.1.0.2-r1) and CMS (V2.4.0.1).

Download :
MS-N1009-UT/1009-UNT/5016-UT/1009UPT/5016-UPT (

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