Milesight NVR's Change Log of Version 7X.9.0.3

Supporting No Default Password, Transcoding, Dual Stream Coding and N+1 Hot Spare, the new NVR firmware version is going to bring more reliable and stable performance.

Xiamen, China (March 27th, 2019)-Milesight Technology Co., Ltd. the best-in-class IP surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version 7X.9.0.3 of Milesight NVR. This updated release includes the new features, optimizations and bug fixes as below.

New Features
(1) Support N+1 Hot Spare. Configured as the architecture of N pcs Master NVRs and 1 hot spare Slave NVR, Milesight N+1 Hot Spare guarantees the data integrity and reliability of video surveillance system. You can set it on NVR monitor Settings -> Hot Spare. For more information about the function:; (Note: 1. Only MS-N7016-UH, MS-N7032-UH, MS-N8032-UH and MS-N8064-UH support N+1 Hot Spare function; 2. It is recommended to set Master NVR and Slave NVR up with the same NVR model.)
(2) Firmware V7X.9.0.3 is the one which has no default password, aiming to provide a safer using environment for customer. So please set the admin password at the first time when you use the NVR to active the account. Besides, Security Questions can be set in case that you forget the password and need reset it again. If you skip the Security Questions settings, you can find it in User interface to set it again; (Note: 1. Password must be 8~32 characters long; 2. Password must contain at least one number and one letter; 3. 10 security questions are provided, you can select any one to set answer. Besides, customizing security question is available.)
(3) Support Dual Stream Recording (For Milesight NVR models end in T) to record with Primary Stream and Secondary Stream at the same time. It is recommended to use Secondary Stream for the remote playback viewing while Primary Stream for local playback;
(4) Support Transcoding (For Milesight NVR models end in H) for remote playback, providing a better playback performance if NVR is under poor network conditions. Click “transcoding icon” to expand transcoding panel on NVR web. And the recorded stream will be transcoded into another one according the parameters (Frame Size, Bit Rate and Frame Rate) you set;
(5) Support to check motion detection recording in General Playback even you set continuous record as record type;
(6) Support to export video with MP4 format. MP4 and AVI are supported.

(1) Optimize the web plugin to get a faster viewing experience. The latest version is 1028;
(2) Optimize the Email settings, making it more user friendly;
(3) Optimize the Start Record log details. Now you can check the recording type such as Motion Detection and Continuous in it;
(4) Optimize the hardware reset mechanism. The steps are:
     a. Turn off the power;
     b. Press the reset button;
     c. Long press the reset button and power on the NVR, you will hear a short beep sound;
     d. After 5 seconds you will hear a beep sound lasting about 3 seconds;
     e. Reset successfully when the beep sound stops.
(5) Add Kuwait time zone;
(6) Optimize the working stability of MS-N8064-UH;
(7) Optimize other issues.

Bug Fixes
(1) Fix the bug that motion detection recording doesn’t work because the recording schedule doesn’t take effect;
(2) Fix the bug that camera shows wrong record status in Status -> Camera Status;
(3) Fix the bug that time doesn’t work if you input a local server IP as NTP Server;
(4) Fix the playback bug that channels stop playing randomly if multiple channels play back at the same time;
(5) Fix the playback bug that if multiple channels play back at the same time, playback time and pointer stays in wrong place when playback finished;
(6) Fix some display issues;
(7) Fix other bugs.

Download for applicable models MS-N1009-UT / MS-N1009-UNT / MS-N5008-UT / MS-N5016-UT / MS-N1009-UPT / MS-N5008-UPT / MS-N5016-UPT for applicable models MS-N7016-UH / MS-N7032-UH / MS-N8032-UH / MS-N8064-UH / MS-N7016-UPH / MS-N7032-UPH

a. If you failed to download the firmwares by clicking the links directly, please copy the links to browser to download.
b. The second number stands for the major version number, while the last two numbers mean the sub version number. Take for example, the NVR’s main version is 9 and it’s sub version is 3.

About Milesight
Milesight, established in 2011, is a high-tech company specializing in the design and manufacture of best-in-class video surveillance solutions with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market. Milesight markets its products through a worldwide network of distributors and resellers, offering excellent pre/after-sales and technical support services that exceed customers' expectation.

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