Milesight Camera's Change Log of Version 4X.7.0.72

Profile T, high-quality deblur, upgraded LPR functions, enhancement of the compatibility, software dewarping of the Fisheye camera and more, all the great updates are ready in the new camera firmware version 4X.7.0.72.

Xiamen, China (September 27th, 2019)-Milesight Technology Co., Ltd. the best-in-class IP surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version (4X.7.0.72) of Milesight Network Cameras. This updated release includes the new features, optimizations and bug fixes as below.

New Features
1. Support ONVIF Profile T, compatible with H.265 video compression technology, achieve better compatibility with third-party manufacturers;
2. Support Fisheye Software Dewarping on 360° Panoramic Fisheye Network Camera;
3. Support Plugin-Free Playback function which allows to preview the playback without installing plugin in Firefox (Version 65 and above) & Google Chrome (Version 69 and above);
Note: Please upgrade the browser to the latest version and configure the browser properties before using this function.
  New additions to LPR related functions;
  ① Support up to 4 ROI detection areas for LPR identification of multiple Interest region;
  ② Support Confidence level setting and push the license plate image to the logs interface when the confidence level of the license plate is higher than the set confidence level;
  ③ Support vehicle direction recognition and display direction information on the logs interface;
  ④ Support for identifying the city of which license plate belongs to DACH region and display region information on the logs interface;
  ⑤ Support setting the time interval for repeatedly reading license plates, effectively avoid duplicate identification of parking vehicles;
  ⑥ Support Alarm input trigger LPR function;
  ⑦ Support different PTZ presets(Only support Preset 1~4 so far) to configure different LPR detection regions;
  ⑧ Countries that support Milesight LPR function have added Iran and Brazil;
  ⑨ Support up to 10000 LPR logs and Auto Export function.
4. Compatible LPR function and ONVIF two-way audio with Nx;
5. Support for adding multiple HTTP notifications to the same event;
6. Support ANR function compatible with Milesight NVR;
7. 4R display mode of 360° Panoramic Fisheye Network Camera in Bundle-Stream Mode supports motion detection;
8. Support user to enable show tracking in Auto Tracking function on PTZ series camera;
9. Compatible with new 23X/30X Speed Dome Network Camera & 36X/42X Speed Dome Network Camera &12X/23X PTZ Dome Network Camera & 4K 180° Panoramic Mini Bullet Network Camera;
10. Support High-quality Deblur function, which can effectively reduce the motion blur of objects;
11. Support Saudi Arabia time zone.

1. Optimize CGI such as user allowed setting noise reduction level;
2. Optimize focus mode and add options for manual focus and semi-auto focus on Network Camera with AF or motorized zoom lens;
3. Optimize that Smart Event can be effective with different PTZ preset;
4. The 2MP resolution for specific 5MP series models supports 60fps.

Bug Fixes
1. Fix the problem of accidental disconnection when IP camera connects Exacq via RTSP to HTTP;
2. Fix the compatibility issue of adding a 180° panoramic Mini Bullet Network Camera to a third-party VMS;
3. Fix some other bugs.


1. For the new version, you need to re-install the ActiveX. Please close the browser during installation. Otherwise, the ActiveX may not be installed correctly;
2. Please clear the cookies and caches of the web browser after re-installing the ActiveX;
3. If you failed to get the upgrade firmware through clicking the link directly, please copy the link to browser manually.


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