Milesight NVR's Change Log of Version 7X.9.0.6

With better UI design for greater user operability, the new NVR firmware version is going to bring more intuitive, stable and faster user experience. A lot more updates are waiting for your exploration.

Xiamen, China (October 25th, 2019)-Milesight Technology Co., Ltd. the best-in-class IP surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version 7X.9.0.6 of Milesight NVR. This updated release includes the new features, optimizations and bug fixes as below.

New Features
1. Support ANR (Automatic Network Replenishment) function, which guarantees the data integrity and reliability of video surveillance system. You can set ANR in NVR Storage -> Video Record -> Record Settings interface.
ANR Working Mechanism
Generally, NVR stores videos when the network connection between NVR and cameras is normal. When the connection lost, the camera would start continuous recording and store videos in SD card instead. Then after reconnection, NVR automatically retrieves the missed videos from camera’s SD card in a period of time to prevent data missing.
  1) Ensure that your devices are with the correct firmware versions. 
      Camera: V4X.7.0.72 or above
      NVR: V7X.9.0.6 or above
      Firmware download link: 
  2) Camera should equipped with on-board SD card.
  3) Camera should be added to NVR by MSSP protocol.
  4) No matter whether NVR has recording schedule or not, camera will do ANR recording and then retrieve back to NVR after reconnection.
2. Firmware V7X.9.0.6 supports continuous snapshot function. You can find it in NVR Storage -> Snapshot. In this interface, parameters related to continuous snapshot such as time, channel, duration, interval, even the resolution of the continuous snapshot can be set. 
3. Complete image settings are supported. Six main parts are included: Display, Enhancement, Day/Night Settings, OSD, Privacy Mask and ROI. You can find these configurations in NVR Camera -> Image.  
  Ensure the firmware version of the network camera is 4X.7.0.72 or above.
4. Support 8 areas for Privacy Mask & ROI and each zone can be enabled and disabled, which is synchronized with Milesight cameras.
  Ensure the firmware version of the network camera is 4X.7.0.70 or above.
5. Support PPPoE configuration. 
6. Support to set Auto Reboot on web. The contents of the configuration are the same with monitor. 
7. Support Audio setting on web. You can find audio configuration in NVR Web -> Settings -> System -> General Settings -> Device.
8. Support to set the display of Stream Information on web so that bit rate, frame rate and frame size can be seen in both live view and playback interface. You can find this configuration in NVR Web -> Settings -> System -> General Settings -> Device.
9. Support Best Decoding Optimization for NVR 8000 Series on monitor. The decoding resources of the other screen can be used for playback when this function is enabled. 
  1) This button can be available only when HDMI2/VGA2 of NVR is enabled.
  2) This button only exists in General Playback, Event Playback and Tag Playback.
  3) Another screen will be black once this function is enabled.
  4) The status of this option is temporary. Once you exit the playback interface, this function will automatically turn off. The other screen will restore preview, and the decoding resources of the two screens will be reassigned.
10. Support to adjust speed when playback is paused.
11. Support to set 5/10/15 seconds for post record.
12. Support to set Event Popup for both Alarm Input and Video Loss on monitor.
13. PTZ Action is added to the alarm action of Motion, Smart Event and Video Loss. When PTZ Action is set and the corresponding event is triggered, presets or patrols will be invoked.
14. Alarm Input supports Effective Time setting.
15. Alarm Output is added to the trigger action of exception.
16. The playback stream you selected will be remembered when you reenter the web playback page.
17. Support right-click to exit the instant playback on monitor.

1. The speed of page response has been improved dramatically due to the code reconstruction and framework optimization for GUI.
2. Optimize the device search module to significantly improve searching speed.
3. Optimize the display of Date & Time and the interval for synchronizing with NTP server can be set.
4. Improve the stability of using P2P connections.
5. Optimize the time zone description to keep the consistency of the monitor and web page.
6. If secondary stream is selected for recording while it is disabled, a prompt indicating that the secondary stream is unavailable will pop up.
7. Optimize DNS settings. Once DHCP is enabled, DNS will change accordingly. 
8. The length of RTSP is extended to 128 bits.
9. Optimize the capability of device search so that Milesight cameras connected via PoE can be found.
10. Optimize time settings of Auto Reboot on monitor. Not only hours but also minutes and seconds are adjustable.
11. Optimize the page of Device Search-Batch Edit so that you can see the edited results. 
12. Optimize event notification on monitor. The prompt icon will automatically blink in the bottom bar when corresponding event is triggered. And it can be unlocked manually.
Optimize the display of exporting pictures, from which detailed information of exported files can be found.
13. Optimize the display of interface.
14. Optimize other issues.

Bug Fixes
1. Fix the bug that Nepal UTC+05:45 is lacked on monitor.
2. Fix the bug that it fails to backup files on CMS and web.
3. Fix the bug that using multiple RAID5 or RAID6 will result in recording discontinuities.
4. Fix the bug that in the configuration of Smart Event, the object size in the preview window does not match that in the box below.
5. Fix the bug that event notification can not be enabled for triggering action of exception on web.
6. Fix the bug that Preset, Pattern and Path function of the new speed dome can not be supported.
7. Fix the bug that the plug-in will stop working after a long preview in live view interface using IE browser, which only appears in HTTP connection.
8. Fix the bug that when both LAN1 and LAN2 are enabled on monitor, LAN1 cannot add IPC while Lan2 is disconnected to the cable.
9. Fix the empty channel layout lead to system crash issue.
10. Fix other bugs.

1. If you failed to download the firmwares by clicking the links directly, please copy the links to browser to download. 
2. The second number stands for the major version number, while the last two numbers mean the sub version number. Take for example, the NVR’s main version is 9 and it’s sub version is 6.

About Milesight
Milesight, established in 2011, is a high-tech company specializing in the design and manufacture of best-in-class video surveillance solutions with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market. Milesight markets its products through a worldwide network of distributors and resellers, offering excellent pre/after-sales and technical support services that exceed customers' expectation.

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