Milesight Showcased Latest Products and Solutions at ISAF Exclusive 2020 in Turkey

Pivoting on the key concept of "Better Inside, More in Sight", Milesight never stops innovating and keeps on the top of industry trends. The state-of-the-art IoT solutions, latest products and technolgies Milesight exhibited were the centre of attention at ISAF Exclusive 2020.

Xiamen, China (March 19th, 2020)-Milesight Technology Co., Ltd. the best-in-class IP surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, is pleased to announce the successful exhibition at ISAF Exclusive 2020 after three-day busyness during March 12-14.

ISAF Exclusive, one of the most prestigious events of the security industry in Turkey, has covered the most current and most talked-about topics of the industry since its launch. In 2020, hundreds and thousands of professionals showcased the latest innovations here. It's an unmatched opportunity to discover the top-notch security solutions and emerging technologies. 

Milesight local partner in Turkey, Han Elektronik regards ISAF Exclusive exhibition as “an important bridge” between them and their valuable partners. As always, we exhibited a host of new products and technologies at ISAF Exclusive this year like IoT Solution, 180°/360° Panoramic Solutions and 4K Powerful Mini&Pro Camera Series, etc. 

Intelligent Connectivity Brought by Milesight IoT Solution
Unlike traditional cameras, Milesight IoT cameras are embedded with LoRa sensor that can perceive beyond visual range, boost situational awareness and enable real-time communication of data like temperature and humidity miles away as well as realize intelligent analytics that can be utilized to enhance efficiency and productivity. Showing the ability to integrate the physical and digital worlds, the IoT cameras open up new possibilities for the security industry. 

Expanded Vision Offered by Milesight 180°/360° Panoramic Cameras
Milesight Panoramic Camera Series consists of 360° Fisheye Camera and 180° Panoramic Mini Bullet Camera, coming with maximized field of view as well as minimized cost on installation, which are perfect for applications that demand wide coverage. With the Advanced Heat Map function, they can visualize visitor behavior and enable retailers to get a clear understanding of their business’s statistics, optimizing their merchandising strategies.

Value-added Highlights Integrated into Milesight Solution
Milesight keeps bringing forth the new, providing users not only security, but advanced technologies that bring more added value. At the show, visitors can see Milesight equips its whole portfolio with the H.265+ compression technology, 4K high resolution, Smart VCA with 10 modes, Smart IR II Technology and SIP/VoIP functionality, catering for different client requirements and offering users the most comprehensive protection.  

"We sensed the IoT cameras have the potential to reshape the security system and offer our customers a better and more differentiated service experience, so we plunged our work with it. It is continuous breakthroughs in imaging,  algorithms, and intelligent applications that keep Milesight standing in the forefront of the industry," said Elaine Chen, Business Development Manager of Milesight.

About HAN Elektronik
Founded in 2002, HAN Elektronik is a valuable partner of Milesight in Turkey. The company has been an example of variety innovations, and has given direction to the sector with emphasizing the R&D and has achieved to be a security solution with its registered slogan "Turkey's Security Solution". HAN Elektronik keeps working on protecting the values that it has together with more than 2000 dealers in Turkey-wide.

About Milesight
Milesight, established in 2011, is a high-tech company specializing in the design and manufacture of best-in-class video surveillance solutions with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market. Milesight markets its products through a worldwide network of distributors and resellers, offering excellent pre/after-sales and technical support services that exceed customers' expectation.

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