Milesight NVR's Change Log of Version 7X.9.0.10

Milesight NVR achieves many brand new functions such as Smart Search of Motion Event, Two-Way Audio , and adding Fisheye channels in Multi-Stream mode, etc.


Xiamen, China (November 20, 2020)-Milesight Technology Co., Ltd. the best-in-class IP surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version 7X.9.0.10 of Milesight NVR. This updated release includes the new features and optimizations as below.


New Features 
(1) Support Fisheye channels being added in Multi-Stream Mode. 
Fisheye cameras have multiple channels based on different Display Mode under Multi-Stream Mode. Each of the channels has its own Channel ID. When using Milesight NVR to add a Fisheye camera, it will distinguish the ID of all the Fisheye channels and take them as independent channels for adding. For example, if the Fisheye camera’s Display Mode is 1O3R under Multi-Stream Mode, it includes the following four channels and their IDs. 
ID1: 1O, the original view. 
ID2: 1R, the first region view. 
ID3: 2R, the second region view. 
ID4: 3R, the third region view. 
When adding a Fisheye camera to Milesight NVR, users can select the ID to add as demand. If ID1 and ID2 are added, two channels of NVR will be occupied with the original view and the first region view. 
(2) Support Smart Search for Motion Event in Playback interface, by which NVR can search out all relevant motion events of the drawn area so that the motion of specific area in different time period can be displayed in a more convenient way.
Note: Ensure that your camera’s version is 4X.7.0.76 or above. Firmware download link: 
(3) Support Two-Way Audio between NVR and Camera, through which NVR and camera side can achieve real-time communication. It involves three situations below. 
1.NVR monitor side and camera side. 
2.NVR Web side and camera side. 
3.NVR Web side and NVR monitor side. 
(4) Users who are remotely connect to the NVR in real time can be listed in Online users interface.
(5) Add time information configuration in Display Settings on NVR Local Display, which supports the consistent display of time information or synchronization with the Toolbar. 
(6) Support the setting of Tracking Zoom Ratio for PTZ Auto Tracking function. Users can select Auto or Customize as tracking mode according to their requirements .
Note: Ensure that your camera’s version is 4X.7.0.75 or above. Firmware download link: 
(7) Support the option to enable or disable the Email function. 
(8) Add Audio configuration in Camera Settings interface to configure and synchronize the related audio parameters of camera side.
Note: Ensure that your camera’s version is 4X.7.0.76 or above. Firmware download link: 
(9) Support PTZ Privacy Mask, Auto Tracking and Advanced functions for PTZ cameras on Web page, making the whole NVR system more complete by synchronizing with the NVR monitor side. 
(10) Add PS format when exporting video, which contains the Camera’s Channel Name and corresponding recording time information. And it is recommended to play the exported files in PS format with Milesight MS Player. 
(11) Support Step Reverse function in Playback on Web page, which is used to play back the previous I frame when pause the video.
(12) Add Snapshot Resolution option to Snapshot Export interface, making it more flexible when exporting snapshots. 


(1) The overall stability of Milesight NVR is greatly improved. 
(2) The speed of searching video files is improved. 
(3) The loading time of hard disk when power on the NVR is improved. 
(4) Copy the settings of current layout to others can be selected when apply current layout setting. 
(5) Channel windows in Playback interface are marked by their Channel Name instead of the Channel ID. 
(6) Modify the current up-down structure of NVR-side Dewarping to left-right structure under Wall Installation with 1P1R or 1P4R mode. 
(7) Improve Live View quality of both the Least Delay Mode and Best 


Bug Fixes 
(1) Fix the bug that the time bar of Playback display is incomplete. 
(2) Fix the bug that Milesight NVR fails to take effect after VCA configuration. 
(3) Fix the bug that the Log in operation in local monitor can not be found in log. 
(4) Fix the bug that all channels except channel 1 display the wrong configuration in Line Crossing on Web Page. 
(5) Fix the bug that the pointer and time in progress bar do not move when speed up the video in Split Playback. 
(6) Fix the bug that when the tool bar is in locked status, it would not be locked after Event Popup is triggered. 
(7) Fix the bug that when Working Mode is Load Balance mode or Multi-address, DNS configuration would be incorrect which causes the domain name service error, for example, P2P can not be enabled.





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