Milesight NVR's Change Log of Version 7X.9.0.13

Newly added functions and features are equipped in the latest version of Milesight NVR to enhance user experience and make monitoring easier. Let’s be the first one to explore it! 


Xiamen, China (October 22th, 2021)-Milesight Technology Co., Ltd. the best-in-class AIoT surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version 7X.9.0.13 of Milesight NVR. This updated release includes the new features and optimizations as below.


New Features
(1) Support Integration with POS solutions. When the communication between the POS machine and NVR is available and POS function is enabled on NVR side, NVR can obtain the information transmitted by the POS machine and display the POS information on the configured channel Live View. Users can search and view POS event playback, which is helpful for checking goods settlement, miscalculation and missing calculation in the stores, supermarkets and other places.
(2) Support NVR's own Audio File Management function, which can upload up to 10 audio files. For different events, users can select audio files as needed for audible warning.
a. Ensure that the audio file format is “.wav”, the codec type is PCM/PCMU/PCMA, 64kbps or 128kbps bitrate and doesn’t exceed 500K.
b. Ensure that the NVR hardware has an Audio Output interface.
(3) Support more than 16TB capacity for creating the RAID, and the RAID data can be read and written normally. This meets users’ storage requirements for larger capacity.
a. Only NVR 7000 Series and NVR 8000 Series support RAID function.
(4) Support ONVIF Profile T
(5) Support manual switching of stream type in the Live View interface on the NVR local side. Users can switch to the main or sub stream they want to preview as needed.
(6) Add a corresponding toolbar for each channel in the Playback interface on the NVR local side, which supports Smart Search, Snapshot, Lock, Quick Tag, Custom Tag and other operations. The toolbar for each channel is valid for a single channel, while the toolbar at the bottom of the interface is valid for all channels. This optimizes the toolbar distribution of multi-channel and single channel in the Playback interface to improve ease of use.
(7) Support Auto Backup of People Counting reports, including People Counting by Camera, People Counting by Group and Regional People Counting. Users can periodically export .CSV reports of the last day, last week, or all to the external device or Email.
(8) Support manually triggering Camera Alarm Output in the Live View interface, so that users can directly trigger the camera alarm output on NVR side in some special or emergency situations.
a. Ensure that your camera’s version is 4X.7.0.78 or above
(9) Compatible with some features in 4x.7.0.78 version or above of Milesight cameras. 
① Support Regional People Counting function. 
Users can check the real-time number of people and the time of each person's stay in the detection region in the Live View interface. Users can also configure the maximum number of stay, minimum number of stay, maximum time of stay and alarm actions for each detection region. The alarm will be triggered when set value is exceeded. In addition, users can search and export various types of Statistical Report for Regional People Counting, including Daily Report, Weekly Report and Monthly Report.
a. Ensure that your camera model is MS-CXXXX-XXC.
② Support filtering ANPR results by Plate Color, Vehicle Type, Vehicle Color, Vehicle Speed and Direction.
a. Ensure that your NVR model is MS-NXXXX-XXT or MS-NXXXX-XXH.
③ Support up to 24 areas for both Privacy Mask and PTZ Privacy Mask.
a. Ensure that your camera model isn’t Lite series, or camera’s version isn’t 40.X.X.XX, 41.X.X.XX, and 46.X.X.XX.
④ The number of presets for PTZ cameras has increased from 255 to 300.
(10) Support Network Test function, so that users can quickly know the network status between the NVR and the destination address such as the camera or computer.
(11) Support WEB Digest authentication.
(12) Compatible with the cameras about MS-CXX67-XX.


(1) Improve the ease of use as follows for a better user experience. 
① The logic of relevant Area Drawing in NVR system is unified, including ROI, Privacy Mask, PTZ Privacy Mask, event detection area, etc. 
② In case of blank or incorrect character input, cancel the pop-up prompt, and optimize to prompt directly on the interface. 
③ Cancel the button “Apply” in the pop-up window and control the saving of interface configuration by “Apply” in the primary interface. 
(2) Optimize the response time of the Live View, Playback, Settings and other interfaces on the NVR web side for a better user experience.
(3) Optimize the UI interface of Background Download panel on the NVR local side. 
(4) Improve the view dewarping speed of Fisheye Client-side Dewarping in the Live View interface on the NVR local side.
a. Ensure that your NVR model is MS-NXXXX-U(P)H.
(5) Optimize the PTZ function on NVR side so that more ONVIF PTZ cameras can operate PTZ on NVR side.
(6) Optimize other functions.


Bug Fixes
(1) Fix the Post Record failure when the event records are set and multiple events are triggered successively. 
(2) Fix the bug of incorrect word display for Upgrade Progress in the Camera Maintenance interface. 
(3) Fix the bug that upgrading the camera through Local Upgrade on NVR side indicates that the 
upgrade failed, but it was actually successful. 
(4) Fix the bug that the video frame rate is fixed at 25fps instead of the actual frame rate when manually recording on the NVR in Chrome browser. 
(5) Fix the bug that the Smart Search function in the Playback interface can’t work normally for 
the secondary stream recording. 
(6) Fix the bug that the camera added by RTSP with the domain name can’t be connected 
(7) Fix the reconnecting problem when playing back some NVR channel videos on CMS side. 
(8) Fix the bug that the human/vehicle recognition box isn’t displayed correctly in the Live View interface on the NVR local side when the camera is set to flip the image. 
(9) Fix the bug that Honeywell cameras can’t be added to Milesight NVR normally. 
(10) Fix other bugs.





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