Milesight Speaks with ASMAG: Embarking on a New Journey to AIoT

Recently, Milesight participated the interview from about our embarking on a new journey to the AIoT world and upgrading to a more complete and competitive brand. 



Xiamen, China (February 24th, 2022)-Milesight Technology Co., Ltd. the best-in-class AIoT surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, announced the embarking on a new journey to AIoT. In the interview from, Milesight VP Leon Jiang opens up to on the voyage into the world of AIoT. Let’s explore together!


We explains the rationale behind Milesight new brand identity. With artificial intelligence and IoT being a powerful driving force in future development, we combine video surveillance with IoT to empower a new Milesight brand and become the pioneer in AIoT industry, converging AI deep learning and IoT technologies to next-gen AIoT smart solutions. For the next chapter of brand development, Milesight aims to extend our product portfolio to help our customers explore new business opportunities, and to help drive our vision of enabling a smarter, safer and more connected world.


 How do you differentiate between Milesight and Milesight IoT? What products/solutions does each focus on?


We keep extending the power of AI deep learning & IoT technologies to achieve a more efficient and intelligent AIoT world. In December 2020, Milesight Technology accomplished the merger with Milesight IoT.


As one of the subsidiaries, Milesight IoT dedicates to develop one-stop smart IoT solution tailored to varied areas, such as smart building, smart city and smart agriculture. By providing cutting-edge end nodes, gateways, cellulars and cloud services, Milesight IoT spreads AIoT solutions into diversified markets worldwide.


With the merger, Milesight has become a fast-growing AIoT solutions provider based on video surveillance, with IoT and artificial intelligence technologies as its core.


 AIoT is now a major trend. How does Milesight view AIoT? How does the new Milesight catch up with the AIoT trend?


We believe that in the near future, as the market and AIoT become more mature, 5G, AI and IoT technologies will penetrate into every corner of our work and life, just like electricity and the Internet did. The digital wave combining 5G, AI and IoT has significantly changed the global business landscape where “intelligence” and “interconnection” are becoming the rules of survival of the fittest. Thus, along with this rapidly iterating technology wave driving a shift in traditional business models, a new era with revelatory implications, the AIoT, has gradually arrived, along with smarter and better lives.


Then, to further announce our entry into AIoT, Milesigiht earlier this year unveiled a new brand identity and new logo. We also moved into a new headquarters, itself a smart building empowered by AIoT solutions.


The new logo, in addition to refreshing the brand image, is also a signal that we set sail for a new chapter, traversing the infinite AIoT era and breaking limits along the way. And the new, modern and sophisticated headquarters is a smart building that deploys the entire powerful and extensive Milesight AIoT systems for the best working environment, including AI video surveillance solution, IoT solution and digital transformation solution. The Milesight team will achieve more in the space brimming with cutting-edge technologies and thoughtfulness. We’ll have a webinar that discusses more about new Milesight in early March.


 Specifically, can you tell us more about your 5G AIoT cameras – What makes them unique? What types of end user organizations can benefit the most?


Milesight has already achieved initial successes in our transition to AIoT. An example is the 5G AIoT camera, which combines 5G, AI and IoT technologies into one device. The camera can transmit and receive video data wirelessly by way of a SIM card, making it suitable for scenarios where wiring is inconvenient. The camera can also ingest various sensor data, such as temperature and water level information, via the LoRaWAN technology.


In this way, this camera not only has a 5G connection, but also can be used to connect various sensors, manage remote control, which is suitable for more complicated scenarios. That is to say, the camera can not only see image or video, but also feel the temperature and Water level. It is a product as a breakthrough in the field of video surveillance, which is beyond just data collection but also draws actionable insights.


 What vertical markets do you target? What geographic regions do you target?


In the near AIoT era, as hundreds of billions of devices will access the network through 5G which lay the foundation for digital transformation in various verticals and thus help form a data-driven scientific decision-making mechanism. Against this backdrop, Milesight will contribute to smarter cities where intelligent interconnection of all things and multidimensional integration of people, machines and objects could be truly expected and more practicable. That will lead to advanced intelligent perception, precise management and convenient service of smart city operation. This will create a healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly urban living space. Moreover, we will view digitalization, networking and intelligent development of the manufacturing industry as important means to promote the integration of the digital economy as well as the real economy. That is how we can create new dynamic driving force in the digital economy.


Till now, we have offered our quality products and solutions through a worldwide network of more than 2000 distributors and system integrators in over 120 countries and regions with a hope to connect physical and digital worlds together to elevate AIoT intelligence to the next level.


About Milesight Technology


Established in 2011, Milesight Technology is a high-tech company, specializing in design, developing and manufacture of best-in-class AIoT video surveillance solutions including Network Cameras, NVRs, Software and APP with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market.

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