Milesight CMS's Change Log of Version

The new version of Milesight CMS achieves many brand new functions such as rewinding the video and one-click snapshots of playback, IoT Alarm function, search and export the Device Logs, saving the order of View Layout, compatibility with more functions of Cameras and NVR, etc.



Xiamen, China (March 24th, 2022)-Milesight Technology Co., Ltd. the best-in-class AIoT surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version of Milesight CMS. This updated release includes the new features and optimizations as below.


New Features

(1) Support rewinding the video and one-click snapshots of playback, which meets customers’ various playback requirements.


a. Rewind button and Play button cannot be enabled at the same time. When one is enabled, the other is disabled automatically. 

b. Playback video can be rewound whether the Audio is on or not. 

c. “Snapshot All” function only available when playback is playing.

(2) Support IoT Alarm function, including Alarm Popup and Alarm Audio. When IoT alarm is triggered, the channel window will pop up with audio. You can choose to play Alarm Audio or Live Audio and up to 4 pop up windows are supported.

(3) Support searching and exporting the Device Logs, which meets customers ’management needs and is convenient to manage devices.

(4) Support saving the order of View Layout. The View Layout list will keep the order of the last move when the CMS program restarts or covers installation. This function can greatly enhance the user experience.

(5) Compatible with some new features in XX.7.0.79 version or above of Milesight cameras.

① Add mosaic type to the Privacy Mask function:

Support Privacy Mask with mosaic. The increase of mosaic type can maintain the continuity of the picture and improve the visual effect.


a. Support up to 24 mask and 4 mosaic areas. 

b. Make sure your camera model is MS-CXXXX-XXC. 

c. Available for cameras only.

② Add Advanced Mode to Motion Detection:

Support Advanced Mode in Motion Detection. When Advanced Mode is selected as shown in the figure below, users can configure up to 4 detection regions and Sensitivity for each detection region, which greatly enhances user experience.

Note: Available for cameras only

③ Add Regional People Counting related functions to the cameras on NVR.

④ Add Detection Object option for VCA Event.


a. Available for cameras and the cameras on the NVR. 

b. Make sure the NVR’s version is 7X.9.0.13 or above.

Firmware download link:

⑤ Add PTZ Auto Tracking to Alarm Action of Advanced Motion Detection.


a. Make sure your camera model is MS-CXXXX-XXC. 

b. Available for cameras only.

⑥ Support exporting Diagnose File of cameras.

Note: Available for cameras only.

⑦ Add 1X to Proportional Zoom Times in Motion Detection of PTZ Camera Series.


a. Make sure your camera model is MS-CXXXX-XXC. 

b. Available for cameras only.

⑧ Add People Counting and Heat Map to the user permissions of cameras.

(6) Compatible with some features in 7X.9.0.14 version or above of Milesight NVRs.

Note: Available for NVRs only.

①Support exporting Diagnose File of NVRs.

②Optimize User interface, greatly improving user experience. 

>>Support configuring the user permissions directly when adding a user.

>>Optimize the options in User Permissions interface to facilitate user configuration.

Note: When NVR is upgraded to V7x.9.0.14, the permissions of non-admin users will be changed to default permissions.



(1) Optimize the prompts, for example the prompt of Secondary Stream is disabled on the Live View interface.

(2) Compatible with more functions of devices added via P2P, such as increasing the number of Privacy Mask areas of cameras, adding the ANPR event related message to the push event type, increasing the number of preset up to 300 for the cameras on NVR and so on.

(3)  Optimize other functions


Bug Fixes

(1) Fix the bug of the new versions/models compatible, such as the audio compatible between CMS and the 7X.9.0.14 version of NVRs, and the Smart IR restriction compatible between CMS and cameras.

(2) Fix the bug that CMS cannot search videos due to the timeout setting limit.

(3) Fix other bugs.



V2.4.0.15 sharing


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