Milesight VMS Enterprise's Change Log of Version Beta


Milesight VMS Enterprise is always striving for a better security while remaining user-friendly. And we are pleased to announce the release of Beta, in which we redesigned the UI interface, optimized the logic, and enhanced flexible functions. Furthermore, you will feel different while we developed a more convenient method of remote access.


Xiamen, China (Aug 15th, 2022)-Milesight Technology Co., Ltd. the best-in-class AIoT surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version Beta of the Milesight VMS Enterprise. This updated release includes the new features and optimizations as below.


New Features

(1) The new UI of Milesight VMS Enterprise is released in this version to further enhance the user experience.

① Add the top status icon and manual connection status icon to the login interface, bringing users a more visual experience.

② Unify the layout of the Notification panel and ANPR Preview panel for user-friendly configuration.

(2) Support regular backup of VMS system’s configuration filesto prevent permanent data damage or loss caused by VMS system or hardware failures.

(3) Support P2P connection, allowing M-VMS Mobile APP to accessthe system through the Internet in P2P mode.

Note: It requires a server connected to the internet in the system.



(4) Optimize the Event Rule Settingsinterface as follows.

① Custom audio types are supported when the alarm action is set to “Play Audio”.Users can choose the built-in audio files in the system or upload the custom audio files manually to meet different needs.

Note: Users can upload 32 audio files at most.

② Optimize the logic of Export/Backup Finishedevent, which will be triggered by all export operations of configuration or video.

③ Optimize the event types with thresholds. Taking Group People Counting as an example, if the user enables the option in the image below, the alarm will only be triggered if the threshold is exceeded, otherwise it will be triggered every time the value changes.

(5) Add "Show Live Notice" to the action list. Once the event is triggered, it will flash a frame and show the alarm icon on the Live View interface according to the setting, making monitoring more intuitive and efficient.

Note: “Show Live Notice” will take effect only if the corresponding camera is displayed in Live View when this rule is triggered.

(6) When a new version is officially released, a red icon will appear on the top of the client program to remind the usersto upgrade the program.

(7) Optimize the interface interaction and logic of the playback interface, greatly improving the user experience.

(8) Add Thai and Italian as system languages to provide customers with various options.



(1) Optimize the installation process of the VMS program. When the program is installed, it will automatically close the running program and then continue the installation.

(2) Optimize the matching logic between the client version and the system version as follows.

① When the client version is different from the system version but belongs to the same major version, it will display a yellow version number and remindthe user to upgrade the version for a better user experience.

② When the majorversion of the client version and the system version are different, the red version number will be displayed, and it is required to upgrade the version to login into the program.

③ When the client version is the same as the system version, it will display the white version number without any prompt.

(3) Optimize the add logic of devices. It supportskeeping the original device name when adding the device repeatedly.

(4) Optimize the logic of the Tour Plan function, it will be smoother when switching pages for a better user experience.

(5) Optimize the Event Rules.

(6) Optimize the ANPR preview panel.

(7) The “Notification Filter”interface in the System Settings is merged into the Notification panel. Users can directly filter the information in the panel, which meets the user habits.

(8) Optimize the thumbnails of cameras in multiple interfaces to keep the original image ratio to facilitate users’

(9) Optimize other functions.


Bug Fixes

(1) Fix the bugwhere overwriting files failed when upgrading the version.

(2) Fix the bug that the VMS program crashes occasionally.

(3) Fix the bugthat the pop-up window of the server disconnected is frequently displayed when the client program is running.

(4) Fix the wrong frame rate in playback video due to the abnormal RTP timestamp in the stream.

(5) Fix the bug that the interval time of the patrol function could not be modified.

(6) Fix other bugs.

Note: Please refer to the User Manual on the official website for the detailed functions and configurations.



Milesight VMS Enterprise (Win64):

Milesight VMS Enterprise (Win32): 

Milesight VMS Analytics-NVD: 

Note: If it fails to download the firmware via clicking the link directly, please copy the link to browser manually.


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