Milesight NVR's Change Log of Version 7X.9.0.16

The new version of Milesight NVR achieves many brand new functions to manage the cameras more easily, such as Batch Maintenance of Camera, Batch Editing of Smart Stream, Adjusting the Font Size of OSD, the newly added “Warning” status of hard disk, etc. To sum up, you will have a completely different experience with this version.



Xiamen, China (Aug 19th, 2022)-Milesight Technology Co., Ltd. the best-in-class AIoT surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version 7X.9.0.16 of Milesight NVR. This updated release includes the new features and optimizations as below.


New Features

(1)Support batch maintenance of cameras including Import&Export Configuration, Reboot, Reset, etc., making Milesight NVRs become the central management site to manage the cameras more easily.

(2) Support batch editing of smart stream parameters on the NVR side to facilitate user configuration.

(3) Add the “Warning" status of the Hard Disk in the Disk Management interface to ensure data security.

(4) Support unified configuration of formats and paths for record files and pictures in the Local Configuration interface.

Note: If you access the NVR with Plugin-free mode, it is not supported to configure the path.

(5) Support configuring the font size of Channel Name on the local monitor side to adapt to different monitoring scenarios more flexibly.

(6) Support adjusting the OSD font size directly on the NVR side instead of the camera web for a better user experience.

(7) Support NTP Interval ranging from 1 to 43200 minutes in the Date&Time interface.

(8) Compatible with the new camera model MS-Cxxxx-xD.

Note: Make sure your camera version is 5x.7.0.76-r11 or above.



(1) Optimize the text display on some interfaces as well as the Japanese interface.

(2) Compatible with the Camera Alarm Input configuration for the cameras with four alarm input interfaces.

(3) Optimize the logic of the table on the NVRs.

(4) Optimize the logic of Local Upgrade and Online Upgrade functions in the Camera Maintenance interface.

(5) Optimize other functions.


Bug Fixes

(1) Fix some bad flash issues.

(2) Fix the playback failure issue when connecting the NVR to Milesight CMS with non-admin user permission.

(3) Fix the audio failure issue in the Live View interface when adding a third-party camera via RTSP protocol.

(4) Fix the calendar issue when long-pressing the “Next Page” button in the Playbackinterface of the NVR local monitor side.

(5) Fix the NVR stuck problem when switching channels frequently in the Video Record interface of the NVR local monitor side.

(6) Fix the interface display issue when logging in to the NVR Webpage via Milesight DDNS.

(7) Fix the email linkage failure issue. When the NVR Alarm Input triggered email linkage with snapshots of another channel, and the corresponding channel was disconnected at the same time, the email cannot be sent successfully.

(8) Fix the unstable connection issue when connecting the Lilin camera to Milesight NVRs.

(9) Fix the bug that the Plugin-free mode could not take effect for some Panasonic cameras on Milesight NVRs.

(10) Fix other bugs.





MS-N7016-UPH/MS-N7032-UPH/ MS-N7048-UPH







① If you failed to download the firmwares by clicking the links directly, please copy the links to browser to download.

② The second number stands for the major version number, while the last two numbers mean the sub version number. Take version for example, the NVR’s main version is 9 and its sub version is 16.

③ Downgrade operation is not supported for the NVR with factory version 7x.9.0.16 or above.


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