Milesight CMS's Change Log of Version

The new version of Milesight CMS achieves many brand new functions such as Event Playback and Picture Playback function, Device Search function, Recycle Mode of Storage, etc. Besides, this version compatible with more functions of Cameras and NVR. And there are many other user-friendly features waiting to be explored. You will have a different experience with this version.



Xiamen, China (Aug 22nd, 2022)-Milesight Technology Co., Ltd. the best-in-class AIoT surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version of the Milesight CMS. This updated release includes the new features and optimizations as below.


New Features

(1) More playback features are available for a better playback experience.

>> Support Event Playback. Users can filter playback videos precisely by different Event Types as needed. And the event videos will be displayed on timeline according to the corresponding event color. This function helps focus more on what matters most.

>> Support Picture Playback. Users can playback by Continuous Snapshot or Events Snapshot of devices. And playback snapshots can also be exported for secure management.


a. Picture Playback supports up to 1 device for each search.

b. Picture Playback is unavailable on MS-Nxxxx-xxH.

c. Make sure the NVR’s version is 7X.9.0.14 or above.

d. Make sure the camera’s version is XX.7.0.79 or above.

Firmware download link: 

(2) Support Device Search function. Users can quickly find the target device in the added device list of Live View interface/Playback interface/Device Config interface, greatly improving the user experience.

(3) Optimize the Alarm function as follows to facilitate user management.

>> Support setting the Alarm Name in NVR Alarm Input, greatly helping to distinguish alarm pop-ups.

>> Support Alarm Popup Schedule Settings. Users can customize the alarm pop-up push time. This function meets different use requirements.

(4) Support Recycle Mode for video recording. Users can make great use of storage space when enabling the Recycle Mode, ensuring the reliability of video files.

(5) Compatible with some new features in XX.8.0.2 version or above of Milesight cameras.

>> Support displaying the network status of 5G camera.

>> Support Multi-line Detection or Multi-area Detection for VCA functions. Users6

can draw up to 4 detection lines or detection areas for corresponding functions, greatly improving monitoring efficiency.

>> Add SFTP protocol type and the alarm video files can be sent to the specific SFTP server for greater security.

>> Support uploading the Timing Snapshot via HTTP Post and uploading the snapshots to specified HTTP URL.

>> Add the “Off” option to Fan Working Mode for PTZ Bullet Plus Camera to meet different requirements.

>> Optimize the Alarm Action, Alarm Settings and Scheduling Settings are unified for the same event but different detection line or detection region.

>> Support Audio Action Settings and Play Audio Interval Settings for all events.

(6) Compatible with some features in 7X.9.0.15 version or above of Milesight NVRs.

>> Support Multi-Line Detection or Multi-Area Detection for VCA function. Users can draw up to 4 detection lines or detection areas for corresponding functions, greatly improving monitoring efficiency.

>> Support copying VCA configuration to other channels.

>> Optimize Event Status for a more standardized experience.



(1) Optimize the icon of the installation package.

(2) Optimize the format of License Agreement.

(3) Optimize the logic of Image Enhancement configuration to greatly improve the user experience.

(4) Compatible with German as one of the system languages.

(5) Optimize the PTZ Control Judgment mechanism.

(6) Optimize other functions.


Bug Fixes

(1) Fix the bug that CMS cannot play the SD card videos of the extranet mapped camera occasionally.  

(2) Fix the bug that the Image Settings of MS-Cxxxx-xPD model cannot be modified on the CMS.  

(3) Fix the bug that Digital Zoom cannot be used when rendering mode is RGB.

(4) Fix the bug that the operator’s speaker permission is not compatible after it is added to NVR.

(5) Fix other bugs.




Note: If it fails to download the firmware via clicking the link directly, please copy the link to browser manually.


About Milesight Technology

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