Milesight M-Sight Pro's Change Log of Version iOS_V3.1.0.8

The new version of Milesight M-Sight Pro achieves many brand new functions to manage the devices more conveniently, such as Reconnect Devices Automatically after Switching Network, Pre Playback for Alarm Push, Remember The Last Playback Layout, etc. Besides, there are many other user-friendly features waiting to be explored. For example, the default input method to lowercase for matching the user's input habits. To sum up, you will have a different experience with this version.



Xiamen, China (Aug 23rd, 2022)-Milesight Technology Co., Ltd. the best-in-class AIoT surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version iOS_V3.1.0.8 of the Milesight M-Sight Pro. This updated release includes the new features and optimizations as below.


New Features

(1) Support Reconnecting Devices Automatically when user switches between Wi-Fi and cellular network. This function ensures the use of fluency, providing better user experience.

(2) Support Pre Playback for Alarm Push, and Off/5s/10s/30s/60s/120s/300s/600s are available. Provide more complete playback video for alarm events to enhance the safety one step further.

(3) Support Remembering The Last Playback Layout. Users can decide whether to continue the playback layout when the APP is restarted next time. Never continue/Always continue/Ask whether continue last play every time are available. And a query pop-up will be on the interface when user choose the Ask.

(4) Compatible with some Milesight Camera models:

a. Compatible with the 5G AIoT Camera. Providing a mobile management platform for 5G AIoT cameras.

b. Compatible with the Multi-channel mode of Fisheye Camera. Video parameters of each channel of Fisheye camera can be configured separately under Multi-Channel mode.

c. Compatible with the two-way audio function when adding camera through P2P.



(1) Optimize the default input method to lowercase, which matches the user's input habits.

(2) Support receiving offline push messages from NVR during app shutdown when app is started.

(3) Optimize the stability and security of M-Sight Pro app to provide a better using experience.

(4) Optimize other functions.


Bug Fixes

(1) Fix the bug that the MS-C2966-X12RGPC is unable to operate the Zoom+/Zoom- function on M-Sight Pro app occasionally.

(2) Fix the bug that the operator’s speaker permission is not compatible after it is added to NVR.

(3) Fix the bug that a splintered screen appears on the live view interface occasionally when the camera turn on corridor mode through H.265 video codec.

(4) Fix the bug that the camera cannot play video occasionally or unable to switch the menu occasionally.

(5) Fix some other bugs.



You can download the app from App Store.


About Milesight Technology

Established in 2011, Milesight Technology is a high-tech company, specializing in design, developing and manufacture of best-in-class AIoT video surveillance solutions including Network Cameras, NVRs, Software and APP with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market.

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