Milesight VMS Enterprise's Change Log of Version

We are pleased to announce the release of Milesight VMS Enterprise, which we make perfectly compatible with AI Box’s fall detection, achieving the event rule settings, alarm pushing, and alarm management all in VMS. Meanwhile, we release some new functions to improve usability, such as evidence picture capture, license sharing in one system, and so on.



Xiamen, China (May 18th, 2023)-Milesight IoT Co., Ltd. the best-in-class AIoT surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version of the Milesight VMS Enterprise. This updated release includes the new features and optimizations as below.


New Features

(1) Compatible with AI Box’s Fall Detection

>> Add Fall Detection that is compatible with AI Box, allowing users to centrally manage AI box and alarm events on VMS Enterprise and increasing the feasibility of practical project applications for customers.



(2) Capture Picture

>> The new alarm action Capture Picture allows Source Camera to trigger snapshots on Evidence Camera, making it easier for users to obtain evidence forensic.

Note: Within 2 evidence cameras are supported.

(3) Optimize the System Settings

>> The licenses of various servers within the system can be shared, effectively reducing costs for customers.

>> Support password reset via user account-linked email address.

Note: To implement this feature, users need to complete the Email Service settings first.

>> Add password verification when users modify User Settings to further enhance system security.

(4) Customized Icon on People Counting Interface

>> Support uploading custom images as logos in the People Counting Groups interface to meet customers' logo customization needs.

(5) Improve the Usability of the Playback

>> Add display of a single thumbnail matching the current time point when hovering over the playback timeline, which allows users to see the visual changes of each time point more clearly.

>> Add a timestamp on the timeline to display the current time point and support drag it to change the playback time, enhancing the user experience.

>> Speed Up of Playback now supports up to 256 times, greatly reducing the time it takes for users to view the playback footage.

Note: The specific acceleration situation depends on the decoding performance of the Client.

(6) Enhanced Recording Security

>> Add automatic encryption for recordings, which means that encrypted recordings cannot be played outside the system, such as with VLC. It ensures the security of recording files.

>> Add automatic cleaning of expired files to make the entire system more compliant with security regulations.



(1) Optimize the overall performance of Video Synopsis to better fit real-life applications.

>> Increase the length of compressible videos to 24 hours, meeting users' need for long-term compression.

>> Video Synopsis supports uploading videos in formats such as mp4 and avi, but only those exported from VMS Enterprise in exe format are supported.

>> Optimize the target tracking algorithm of Video Synopsis, improving the efficiency of evidence collection.

(2) Optimize the logic of the Test in Event Rules to better match the triggering conditions of real events.

(3) Optimize the interaction logic of the playback timeline to better fit real-life application scenarios.

(4) Optimize the accuracy of Server-based ANPR vehicle and license plate recognition and support for more recognizable vehicle types.

(5) Add Duration Time setting to the Control Camera Output to better control the duration of alarms.

Note: The version of integration Milesight’s cameras require XX.8.0.3-r2-c1, XX.7.0.80-r1 or above.

(6) In a new system installation, hardware decoding is disabled by default in the Client to improve software adaptability to the operating environment. Users can enable it as needed.

Note: Upgraded systems from older versions are not affected.

(7) Optimize system logic and reduce the issue of recording database corruption caused by power failure.

(8) Integrate Smart Analytics Result Search into Event&Alarm-Event Search, allowing users to achieve centralized searching for relevant results, except for the ANPR Result Search.


Bug Fixes

(1) Fix some known bugs.



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