Milesight Launches IPCTools

Xiamen, China (April 15th, 2013)-Milesight, the leader in IP-based megapixel camera solutions, officially announced the launch of IPCTools for easy management of Milesight cameras.


IPCTools is a free software tool developed to enable users to manage multiple Milesight network cameras with much more control and ease. The users are allowed to configure the basic settings of the system, network, and video/image parameters of all the Milesight network cameras detected in the LAN at once without the hassle to log in the Web GUI of every camera one by one.


Once start the IPCTools, the system will automatically detect all the online Milesight network cameras that are connected in the LAN. In just a few seconds, the device information including IP address, MAC address, Port number, Netmask, and Gateway of all Milesight cameras will be displayed. It's user-friendly to change the IP address as well as other network parameters of the selected camera either individually or in bulk even if their IPs are in different network segments with that of the PC which installed IPCTools.


In addition to configuring the basic settings, IPCTools could be used to execute batch updates and video previews. The users avoid repeating the same update process again and again for every camera. Thus, great time and energy is saved.


With IPCTools, the management of Milesight network cameras becomes a piece of cake. Especially when conducting a project installing dozens or hundreds of Milesight cameras, the advantages are obvious.

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