Milesight Introduces New Video Management System

Xiamen, China (July 22, 2013)-Milesight, the leader in IP-based megapixel camera solutions, officially announced the release of Milesight VMS Pro, a newly developed, easy to use video management system for customers.


Designed for video surveillance systems with multiple sites, Milesight VMS Pro could add up unlimited servers, cameras and enable the authorized users to access, control and centralize management of multiple devices. Milesight VMS Pro, plus Milesight cameras provide a professional surveillance solution that fulfills customer's needs of monitoring and patrolling the videos.


Moreover, Milesight VMS Pro adopts the same user interface of MilesightVMS Lite which allows users to perform the same functions with much ease and familiarity. Milesight VMS Pro also features PTZ control and E-map. The E-map provides a visual layout of the NVR and camera's sites via 2 tiers.

Feature Highlights:
Client/Server Architecture; Support unlimited cameras, servers and users

Milesight VMS Pro is able to detect all the servers and network cameras connected in the LAN. Unlimited cameras, servers and users could be added and sorted as different groups. Besides, the software is able to display up to 64 channels live videos and up to 16 channels playback recordings. The servers and cameras can also be configured remotely.

Support up to 4 multi-monitor display

Milesight VMS Pro offers up to 4 multi-monitor management. Every monitor could perform different tasks such as live video monitor, playback, or alarm video play. It has a built-in web server which allows the user to access the Milesight VMS Pro for live video monitor and playback without installing any additional software.

4-channel synchronized playback via different NVR servers

With synchronous playback, the user is able to view playback videos recorded at the same time for up to 4 cameras. Within the interface, the user can not only search recorded videos by time, but also stop, pause, fast forward or rewind the playback videos at anytime. In addition, the user is also able to take a snapshot or export a portion of the recorded video as AVI file onto their local PC for further investigation.

User Management

The users are categorized as "admin" and "view", which have different authority respectively. The "admin" user is entitled to configure and control the devices while the "view" user is only allowed to view and check the videos. Milesight VMS Pro would also provide the detailed login and logout information of each user for convenience of the administrator.


Milesight VMS Pro provides centralization and flexibility for projects in all vertical markets. The most wonderful thing is that the user can enjoy a complete video surveillance solution without paying additional fees. Milesight VMS Pro is free to use. Why not download it and have a try immediately?


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