Refreshing and Rewarding Season - Mid-Autumn Festival 2020


Xiamen, China – September 27, 2020, – Ursalink, a global M2M hardware provider, gathers together for Mid-Autumn Festival and held a celebration at Tianyuan Restaurant on Sept 25, 2020.


The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also called Mooncake or Latern Festival, falls on the 15th day of lunar month of August, corresponding to Oct 1 this year, and started to become an official celebration in China during Tang Dynasty (618-907CE).

This holidays, as an old saying goes, the mid-autumn festival, “it's when people and the moon reunite to form a full circle”. In Xiamen, it’s a significant occasion where people feast with great meal together and play Bo Bing (a kind of dice game).


Bo Bing is a traditional dice game played as part of the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. At the Mid-Autumn festival party, everyone takes turns to throw 6 dices in a wide mouth bow. The first one rolls the dice and wins a relevant prize depending on the combination. The dice then passes to the next person, and the process is repeated until there are no gifts left.


After we finished the dinner, the game started. Everywhere is full of dice sound and the shout of joy. Everyone is praying for getting “Zhuangyuan”, the 1st prize, to win a big present. Some are expecting for a good luck to get more presents, while some are focusing on the specific prize they’re looking for.


The full moon rises in the night sky, and the celebration ends up with joy and delight.


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