Milesight and 3dEYE Join Forces to Drive Digital Innovation on Cloud AI Solutions


January 24, 2024, Xiamen, China- Milesight, a leading provider of innovative IP-based video surveillance solutions, has announced a strategic collaboration with 3dEYE, a pioneer in cloud-based video management, AI analytics and automation, to enhance their IP camera technology and pure AI  cloud service offerings. The partnership aims to leverage 3dEYE robust pure cloud AI platform and Milesight Corporation's IP camera technology expertise in software development to deliver innovative solutions to global market.


This collaboration aims to revolutionize the surveillance industry by seamlessly integrating advanced IP camera capabilities with the power of 3dEYEs robust cloud-based video AI infrastructure.

It represents a powerful synergy, bringing intelligent analytics, scalability, and advanced functionalities to surveillance systems. It significantly enhances the ability to monitor, analyze, and respond to security events in a more effective and efficient manner.


"We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with 3dEYE, a collaboration that marks a significant milestone in the evolution of video surveillance technology. By integrating Milesight's cutting-edge IP cameras with 3dEYE's robust pure AI cloud platform, we are not only enhancing the capabilities of our products but also revolutionizing the way businesses approach security. This partnership opens up new horizons for our customers, providing them with unparalleled features, scalability, and peace of mind. We look forward to jointly shaping the future of video surveillance and delivering innovative solutions that exceed our customers' expectations," said Angel, the Marketing Manager at Milesight, Apart from that, this year, we build up a team for the partnership & joint-marketing, which is the driving force behind collaborative efforts and strategic alliances. In a rapidly evolving business landscape, partnerships and joint-marketing initiatives play a pivotal role in fostering growth, expanding reach, and creating mutually beneficial relationships. Our team is dedicated to establishing and nurturing these connections, ensuring that each partnership contributes to the success of all involved parties.”


Centralized Management Simplified and Scalable

This partnerships empower users with centralized control, streamlining configuration, monitoring, and maintenance. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also provides a cohesive and comprehensive view of the entire surveillance ecosystem. The integration of IP cameras with cloud services unlocks unparalleled scalability. Organizations can effortlessly expand their surveillance networks by adding more cameras, ensuring they stay ahead of evolving security requirements without the constraints of traditional infrastructure limitations.


Intelligence over Your Watch

The synergy of IP cameras and cloud services brings real-time analytics and machine-learning artificial intelligence into play. From object detection, facial recoginition to event alerts and search, these intelligent features provide advanced insights, empowering organizations to proactively address and efficiently investigate security concerns and issues.


Cost-Efficiency Redefined

Through this collaboration, it bid farewell to hefty upfront investments. This plug-and-play model ensures cost efficiency, allowing organizations to scale their surveillance systems without the burden of substantial capital expenses. It's a financial flexibility that aligns with the dynamic needs of modern businesses.


The integration of Milesight IP camera technology with 3dEYE cloud-based AI cloud video platform partners creates a powerful surveillance ecosystem that is scalable, centrally managed, remotely accessible, and enriched with intelligent analytics. This partnership enhances security measures, improves operational efficiency, and provides organizations with a flexible and future-ready solution for their surveillance needs.






About Milesight

Milesight is a fast-growing high-tech company delivering smart IoT and video surveillance products with a focus on IoT technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, 5G and LoRaWAN®, since 2011. With improved sensing capability and advanced IoT insights, we help customers worldwide optimize their business operation in a more efficient and sustainable way. In collaboration with a global network of distributors and system integrators, we are committed to building open ecosystems and accelerating IoT strategies to the next level.



About 3dEYE

3dEYE offers a cybersecure pure cloud video and AI platform, eliminating the need for server or bridge purchases and installations. The platform is camera-agnostic, accommodating body-worn cameras, drones, and IoT. It's designed for multi-site and multi-brand deployments, delivering AI-driven proactive security and enabling operators to conduct smarter and faster investigations.

Since 2014 3dEYE platform has empowered the monitoring and video surveillance industry with the ability to migrate, scale and orchestrate IP cameras and IoT devices on the AWS public cloud.

Monitoring stations, systems integrators, and dealers leverage 3dEYE admin panel, alarm and video portals, along with iOS/Android apps, and an array of cloud-based AI analytics minimize false alarms while centralizing systems management through a single pane of glass. 3dEYE pure cloud analytics seamlessly enhances camera edge analytics, expanding their capabilities with the powerful server-side large model AI including heat maps, object detection, classification and tracking, facial recognition, PPE detection (including safety vests and hard hats), ALPR, people counting, color search, fire and smoke and object-based loitering detection.

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