Milesight and Salient Announce Strategic Cooperation to Advance Integrated Surveillance Solutions

milesight and salient announce trategic cooperation pc

June 25, 2024, Xiamen, China, and Austin, the United StatesMilesight, a leading provider of innovative IP-based video surveillance solutions, and Salient, a pioneer in video management systems, proudly announce their strategic cooperation aimed at delivering cutting-edge integrated surveillance solutions for diverse industries.

The integration of Milesight CCTV cameras and the Salient system empowers monitoring and reporting on events with enhanced clarity and immediacy. This setup exemplifies how technology can facilitate accurate, leveraging the strengths of both surveillance hardware and software solutions.


Collaboration Highlights

Edge-AI Events Triggering

This integration allows the cameras to detect specific AI events, such as motion detection or line crossing, and instantly relay these events to the Salient system. This real-time alerting capability enhances situational awareness and enables swift responses to potential security incidents, leveraging the advanced AI capabilities of Milesight cameras within the robust framework of the Salient surveillance platform. AI VCA (Video Content Analysis) in Milesight cameras employs pre-trained deep learning models, which continuously refine their algorithms for improved accuracy over time.


Streamlined Video Retrieval

Salients robust video management systems enable seamless retrieval and playback of footage from Milesight cameras, ensuring rapid access to critical video data for operational and forensic purposes.


Centralized and Easy Device Management

This strategic integration enables centralized management, system monitoring, and deployment updates. It can enable centralized management, system monitoring, and deployment updates.

Proactively manage cameras, storage, recorders, and users across large multi-site deployments from one login., and users across large multi-site deployments from one login.


The partnership ensures all solutions meet the requirements of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), providing peace of mind for clients concerned with national security regulations. Milesight's advanced CCTV camera technologies seamlessly integrate with Salient's robust video management systems, offering a unified surveillance solution that is easy to deploy and manage. Clients benefit from the combined strengths of Milesight's high-definition video capture capabilities and Salient's scalable and intuitive management platforms, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability. The collaboration focuses on simplifying deployment processes, reducing installation time and complexity, thereby minimizing disruption to operations.


"We are excited to partner with Salient to bring our cutting-edge CCTV technologies into a more integrated surveillance ecosystem," said Elaine, sales director of Milesight. "Together, we aim to set new standards in video surveillance reliability and efficiency."


"Salient is pleased to join forces with Milesight to offer our clients enhanced capabilities in video management and surveillance," commented Dan Berg, SR product manager for integrations of Salient. "This strategic cooperation underscores our commitment to delivering scalable solutions that empower organizations to protect and manage their assets effectively."


Together, Milesight and Salient are committed to continuous innovation, exploring new frontiers in AI-driven surveillance technology to meet evolving customer needs. The partnership prioritizes delivering customer-centric solutions that combine reliability, scalability, and cutting-edge technology to empower organizations across various industries.




About Milesight

Milesight offers multi-potential sensing products to capture the most meaningful data and makes it accessible across diverse applications. It innovatively applies emerging technologies such as Al, 5G, and loT to distinct use scenarios. With a commitment to making sensing matter, Milesight quickly responds to customer-specific challenges and collaborates with an expanding network of partners to deliver unique data value. It is determined to make real, positive impacts in smart buildings, intelligent traffic, intelligent security, smart cities, and beyond.




Founded in 1995, we are a global company headquartered in Austin, Texas. We are privately held and for more than 25 years, our mission has been to help our customers harness the intelligence in their video surveillance systems. Our platform is built to be simple, flexible, and scalable.

Our platform is deployed globally and across various industries, with installations ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. We believe in empowering our customers to tailor our platform to meet their business requirements.

With our seasoned team that has spent decades in the physical security and video surveillance industry, we often serve as advisors to our integrators and customers. We invest in customer success and pride ourselves in providing world-class support. This philosophy is embedded in how we operate.




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