Milesight and The Things Industries Further Strengthen Partnership to Supercharge LoRaWAN® Solutions Across the World

Xiamen, China, and Amsterdam, Netherlands - Milesight, a leading provider of multi-dimensional sensing products empowered by IoT technologies, and The Things Industries, the industry-renowned expert for enterprise LoRaWAN® solutions, announced a deep technical collaboration. 

Both parties agreed on technical cooperation of the integrated Milesight LoRaWAN® gateways and The Things Industries’ carrier-grade LoRaWAN® Network Server: The Things Stack. Milesight and The Things Industries have been collaborating for several years. With the technological advancements from both sides, this collaboration is poised to provide customers with more complete and integrated IoT solutions and elevate IoT deployment to the next level.

Through continuous innovation in future-proof technologies such as LoRaWAN®, AI, 5G, and so forth,  Milesight provides various cutting-edge sensing products including gateways, sensors, and controllers, which create new values and push boundaries in the field of Smart Building, Smart City, and many other verticals. By integrating Milesight's gateways and devices into The Things Stack  Network Server, customers can set up, manage, and monitor their LoRaWAN® networks and devices with ease, driving more business outcomes from simplified deployment processes. 

The Things Stack is a LoRaWAN® Network Server that enables connectivity, management, and monitoring of devices, gateways, and end-user applications. Its purpose is to ensure the security, scalability, and reliability of data routing throughout the network. With this integration, companies are allowed to streamline the deployment process and start building IoT projects in no time. Existing partners and thousands of companies will be able to benefit immensely from the combined strengths of Milesight and The Things Industries.

"The collaboration between The Things Industries and Milesight will leverage the unique strengths and expertise of both organizations to deliver impactful solutions for clients across various industries. By combining our resources and knowledge, we aim to revolutionize the way businesses operate and provide unparalleled value to our customers," said Leon Jiang, VP at Milesight.

"Uniting forces with Milesight highlights our commitment to redefining IoT possibilities. This collaboration amplifies our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions and providing connectivity, innovation, and efficiency for commercial projects." - Wienke Giezeman, CEO of The Things Industries.

About The Things Industries

The Things Industries is a well-established LoRaWAN® connectivity and services provider. With a global installed base of over 50.000+ gateways, 1.5M+ connected devices, and 500+ enterprise customers, they assume a leading role in the global ecosystem. 

About Milesight

Milesight is a fast-growing high-tech company delivering smart IoT and video surveillance products with a focus on IoT technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, 5G, and LoRaWAN®, since 2011. With improved sensing capability and advanced IoT insights, we help customers worldwide optimize their business operations in a more efficient and sustainable way. In collaboration with a global network of distributors and system integrators, we are committed to building open ecosystems and accelerating IoT strategies to the next level. 

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