Milesight and Monolitic Demonstrated Cutting-Edge IoT Innovations at IOTSWC 2024

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Xiamen, China, June 3 - Milesight, a leading provider of multi-dimensional sensing products empowered by IoT technologies, and Monolitic, a high-impact technological solutions provider, had joined the IoT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC) 2024 which is concluded last week, from May 21 to May 23, leaving attendees inspired by the latest advancements in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and solutions in Barcelona, Spain. Among the highlights were the groundbreaking innovations presented by leading IoT and LoRaWAN® companies, showcasing the future of connected solutions across various industries.


What Is the IOTSWC?

The IoT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC) is a leading international event focused on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Held annually in Barcelona, the congress brings together industry leaders, technology experts, and innovators from around the world to showcase and discuss the latest advancements in IoT technologies and their applications across various sectors.

It is a premier event that plays a vital role in advancing the Industrial Internet of Things by bringing together key stakeholders to share knowledge, showcase innovations, and foster collaboration.



An Ideal Solution for Smart Building Management

During the event, Milesight and Monolitic showcased its latest smart building and smart city solutions, designed to enhance energy efficiency, security, and overall management. Its comprehensive suite of IoT devices and software solutions promises to revolutionize how buildings are managed and operated.


Among the integrates IoT sensors and LoRaWAN connectivity to create more efficient, secure, and user-friendly building environments. Milesight exhibited its state-of-the-art VS series people counting sensors, such as, VS121 AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor, VS133 AI ToF People Counting Sensor [IF Design Award], VS330 Cubicle Occupancy Sensor, VS341 Desk & Seat Occupancy Sensor, VS135 Ultra ToF People Counter, and VS350 Passage People Counter, VS351 Mini AI Thermopile People Counter and VS360 IR Breakbeam People Counter, designed to optimize space utilization, enhance security, and improve occupant experience. These products features Up to 98% Industry-Leading Accuracy, 100% Anonymous Detection (Compliant with GDPR), LoRaWAN® & PoE Versions for Broader Applications,


Visitors were impressed by Milesight VS133 AI ToF People Counting Sensor [IF Design Award]. The live demos highlighted accurate people counting and space utilization analytics, helping facility managers optimize room usage and enhance energy efficiency.


Besides, Milesight enhance Indoor Air Quality with IAQ sensors that are able to continuously monitor levels of pollutants, humidity, and CO2, providing actionable insights to maintain optimal air quality and ensure a healthy indoor environment. And the AM319 9-in-1 LoRaWAN® sensor,  has officially earned the coveted Works with WELL mark.


Clever and Clean Smart Bathroom Solution

With Milesight smart bathroom solution, these innovative LoRaWAN products are designed to enhance hygiene, maintenance, and user satisfaction. The Milesight GS301 Bathroom Odor Detector and WS201 Smart Fill Level Monitoring Sensor can enhance resource management, that is. automated systems manage water usage and replenish supplies like soap and paper towels, reducing waste and ensuring consistent availability.


Greener and Greater Solution with Ultra-low Power Solar LoRaWAN® Gateway

The Milesight SG50 ultra-low power Solar LoRaWAN gateway ensures reliable, long-range, low-power communication between IoT devices, facilitating seamless data integration across the building.

It also showcased its comprehensive energy efficiency solution, designed to help buildings reduce energy consumption and lower operational costs. The solution leverages advanced IoT technologies to optimize HVAC performance, manage energy use in real-time, and provide detailed analytics for continuous improvement with smart LoRaWAN® sensors, for example, CT101 Smart Current Transformer, CT30X Smart Current Transformer, WS523 Smart Portable Socket and WS51X Smart Wall Socket.



The success of IOTSWC 2024 has set the stage for continued advancements in smart building technologies. Milesight and its Partner Monolitic are at the forefront of this revolution, driving the development of integrated solutions that enhance building efficiency, security, and occupant satisfaction.



About Company


Milesight offers multi-potential sensing products to capture the most meaningful data and makes it accessible across diverse applications. It innovatively applies emerging technologies such as Al, 5G, and loT to distinct use scenarios. With a commitment to making sensing matter, Milesight quickly responds to customer-specific challenges and collaborates with an expanding network of partners to deliver unique data value. It is determined to make real, positive impacts in smart buildings, intelligent traffic, intelligent security, smart cities, and beyond.

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