Milesight Embraces Green Buildings with Eco-Friendly Solutions at SCEWC 2023

Xiamen, China, November 16, 2023 Milesight, a global sensing products provider, successfully unfolded its latest innovations at the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) last week, which is held from November 7th to November 9th in Barcelona Spain, leaving attendees inspired by the possibilities for urban development.


Panel Discussions and Keynote Speeches

The high-profile speakers and panel discussions can address current trends, challenges, and future prospects of LoRaWAN® technology. And the keynotes from industry leaders will provide valuable insights.

During the Smart City Panel presentation, Milesight joined hands with LoRa Alliance to share "Smart Bin, Water Leak, and Building Management in Hong Kong" case. Also, at the Press Conference, following Donna Moore's kick-off, Jennifer Chen revealed "Milesight Deploys Hundreds of LoRaWAN Sensors to Support New Zealands SMART Economy Initiative."


Milesights Dazzling Showcase of Cutting-edge Technologies and Visionary Ideas

As a leading player in the realm of smart building solutions, Milesight is gearing up to unveil its latest innovations and contribute to the discourse on building intelligent and sustainable urban environments. The SCEWC event provides an ideal platform for Milesight to engage with global experts, city representatives, and technology enthusiasts.

The Smart Building Solutions represent a leap forward in creating sustainable, responsive, and user-centric urban spaces. Milesight believes in harnessing the LoRaWAN® technology to not only optimize building operations but also to contribute to the well-being of occupants and the environment. In the SCEWC event, Milesight demonstrated the LoRaWAN® solution with its fully-fledged LoRaWAN® products, for example, AM100 series and AM300 series Indoor Air Quality Monitoring (IAQ) Sensors, WT101 Smart Radiator Thermostat, WS523 Smart Portable Socket , WS51X Smart Wall Socket, TS30X LoRaWAN® Temperature Sensor, VS Series Occupancy & People Counting Sensors, EM500 Series Environmental Monitoring Sensors, etc. These products can assist in the managment of Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Energy Saving Management, Gas Concentration, Lighting, Occupancy & People Counting and Leak Detection.

Milesight integrates seamlessly with various building functions, including lighting, HVAC, security, and more. The solution is designed for efficiency, allowing real-time monitoring and control for optimal resource utilization. Besides, it offer real-time insights into energy consumption. Smart algorithms and automation contribute to significant energy savings and reduced environmental impact. Also, the smart building solution provides actionable data on occupancy patterns and space utilization. This information empowers building managers to optimize layouts, improve workflows, and enhance overall user experiences.

This event is a convergence of minds and a catalyst for driving the next wave of urban innovation. And it enables Milesight to showcase the latest solutions, engaging in insightful discussions, and forging meaningful partnerships. To evolve with the LoRaWAN® technology, Milesight is confident

To ensure seamless connectivity, efficient data transmission, and secure communication for your IoT ecosystem.




About Milesight

Milesight is a fast-growing high-tech company that delivers smart IoT and video surveillance products, that focuses on IoT technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G and LoRaWAN®, since 2011. With the enhanced sensing capabilities and advanced IoT insights, we help customers around the world in optimizing their business operations in a more efficient and sustainable manner. In collaboration with a global network of distributors and system integrators, we are committed to building open ecosystems and accelerating IoT strategies to a whole new level.


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