Milesight Empowered the Future of Smart Buildings at The Things Conference 2023

Xiamen, China, September 22 - Milesight concluded the flagship event The Things Conference specializing in LoRaWAN® and Low Power Internet of Things. Milesight brought cutting-edge products to deliver the insights of transforming buildings, paving the way for value-added and sustainable performance.

The Things Conference 2023 brought together over 1,500 top IoT professionals, and 70+ leading industry players, and showcased the latest advancements in LoRaWAN® and Low Power Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. With 90+ curated keynotes, 20+ workshops, and a bustling exhibition space, attendees had the opportunity to become LoRaWAN® experts and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving LPWAN market.

Paving the Way for Smart Buildings with Milesight IoT Products

One prominent participant at the exhibition was Milesight. Within the booth B10, Milesight showcased rich digital sensing products that will make world more connected and be transformed into a more value-added, efficient, and flexible one. The smart building solutions garnered significant attention from visitors. They expressed keen interest in harnessing IoT technology to enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability within their facilities. Milesight's comprehensive portfolio impressed attendees with its seamless integration and practical applications across various industries.

The Milesight's exquisite indoor air quality monitoring solution, coupled with the unique occupancy and people counting solution, the efficient water management solutions, and the outstanding energy saving solution were particularly well-received. Visitors were impressed by the great performance of the products and solutions and recognized the importance of maintaining healthy indoor environments, optimizing space utilization, and building performance. And they showed great enthusiasm for exploring these capabilities further.

Impressive Wall of Fame Displaying

The three featured products encompassing 3 in 1 IAQ Sensor AM103L, Smart Radiator Thermostat WT101, and AI ToF People Counting Sensor VS133 were shown on the Wall of Fame together with all the latest and greatest LoRaWAN® devices. The Wall of Fame features the best LoRaWAN-enabled devices on the market, allowing great interaction for visitors. The devices Milesight exhibited aimed to convey philosophies of helping to maintain optimal indoor air quality, bring efficiency to heating systems, and promote people-counting-driven decision-making.

"The Things Conference 2023 provided us with a valuable platform to showcase our smart building solutions," said Rena, the Regional Sales Manager of Milesight IoT. "We were thrilled to engage with industry professionals, exchange knowledge, and witness firsthand the excitement surrounding the possibilities offered by LoRaWAN® and more technologies."

The exhibition served as an excellent opportunity for Milesight to strengthen partnerships, collaborate with industry peers, and gain valuable insights into emerging trends and customer requirements. As The Things Conference 2023 came to a close, attendees departed with renewed inspiration, enhanced technical understanding, and meaningful connections forged during the two-day event. The success of this premier conference solidified its position as a pivotal gathering for IoT professionals and set the stage for continued innovation.

About Milesight

Milesight is a fast-growing high-tech company delivering smart IoT and video surveillance products with a focus on IoT technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, 5G and LoRaWAN®, since 2011. With improved sensing capability and advanced IoT insights, we help customers worldwide optimize their business operation in a more efficient and sustainable way. In collaboration with a global network of distributors and system integrators, we are committed to building open ecosystems and accelerating IoT strategies to the next level.

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