Milesight Officially Releases CoWork Series Aiming to Help Achieve Maximum Efficiency in Office


August 20, 2021, Xiamen, China - In modern society, the improvement of efficiency is key to helping companies beat their rivals. In this process, one of the most important one is enhancing the efficiency in office. In order to achieve this goal, Milesight launches a great number of new products named CoWork Series contributing to maximum office efficiency.

Why CoWork?

Many companies face challenges in making good use of office resources like inefficient utilization of space, obstacles in knowing room or desk availability and resource depletion. Meanwhile, some devices in the market attempting to tackle these problems have many disadvantages, like poor accuracy, unstable measurement, blind spots, high costs and so forth. For the purpose of overcoming all these challenges, Milesight launches CoWork Series, which will undoubtedly make office smarter, then helping employees fulfill maximum productivity.

Featured Products AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor Magnetic Contact Switch Smart Button PIR & Light Sensor Portable Socket   blog-cowork-ai-workplace-sensor

Based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor or Milesight VS121 performs very well in monitoring occupancy and utilization in modern workspace. It enjoys great popularity in shops, malls, offices, exhibitions, etc.

  • Anonymous Detection
  • 95% Recognition Rate
  • Large Detection Area
  • Custom Detection Region
  blog-magnetic-contact-switch Magnetic Contact Switch also names WS301. Whenever someone enters the office/building through door/window or whenever something has been moved, it will detect immediately because of its super sensitiveness, providing real alert for smart home, smart office or smart factories.
  • 100% Wire-Free
  • 4-7 Years Battery Life
  • Simple Installation
  • Easy Configuration (via NFC)

Smart Button or WS101 is a LoRaWAN®-based smart button for wireless controls, triggers and alarms, which is widely welcomed in smart home, smart offices, hotels, schools, etc.

  • Multiple Press Actions
  • LoRaWAN® Based
  • Easy Configuration (via NFC)
  • 5 Years Battery Life

Based on passive infrared technology, PIR & Light Sensor or WS202 from CoWork Series is good at detecting any motion or occupancy. If there is someone in the meeting room but the light is off, it will assist in turning on the light. WS202 is widely used in smart home, smart offices, schools, warehouses, etc.

  • PIR Presence Detection
  • LoRaWAN® Wireless
  • Brightness Measurement
  • Easy Configuration (via NFC)

Portable Socket or WS52x is a LoRa smart portable socket, monitoring control of electrical appliances. It contributes significantly to wireless control of indoor lights, fans, heaters, machines, etc.

  • Remote ON/OFF
  • Time-Based ON/OFF
  • Electricity Statistics
  • Overload Protection

Apart from the new products mentioned above, there are still many new LoRaWAN® end nodes coming soon. Milesight CoWork Series is the best way for employees to work smarter and faster, helping achieve maximum office efficiency. Now hurry up to seize the opportunity to become winners among the changeable market.

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