Milesight iBox Kit Launches to Better Support IoT Deployment for Indoor Air Quality, Smart Office and Smart Building


Xiamen, China, September 1, 2022 – Milesight, a fast-growing AIoT solution provider, officially announced its latest iBox Kit in mid-May, 2022. Over the past few months, these demo kits have received sizzling attentions from customers worldwide. Featuring LoRaWAN® technology, the iBox Kit Series provides users with a quick and intuitive way to deploy PoCs, unlocking AIoT solutions for indoor air quality (IAQ), smart office, smart building and more.

“We’re incredibly excited to have launched the iBox Kit Series. We keep what our customers like most and adopt cutting-edge technology at the same time,” said Leon JIANG, Vice President of Milesight. “The iBox Kit Series consists of our classic and advanced products that are suitable and practical for a variety of application scenarios, including indoor air quality (IAQ), smart office and smart building. Based on our years of experience, iBox Kit is designed to successfully advance PoCs in terms of quality and efficiency, making AIoT solutions more accessible and simpler for everyone.”

  Why Milesight iBox Kit

All-star Devices Plus Cloud Platform Pro

Based on customers’ feedbacks from over 120 countries and regions, products in iBox Kit are favored in PoCs and have been smoothly integrated into different scenarios. Over 80% of all devices included in the iBox Kit are newly released within 1 year. Besides, with Milesight IoT Cloud Pro1, customers can achieve more flexible and cooperative management by allowing 100 trigger rules to be set and shared among multiple parties and many more.

Turnkey Solutions for IAQ, Smart Offices and Smart Buildings

iBox Kit automatically scaffolds the indoor application or PoCs with sensors and gateways featuring LoRaWAN® as well as a built-in network server and Milesight Cloud platform.  In just one kit, customers can enjoy everything they need to easily set up a PoCs with LoRaWAN® network and activate services.

  iBox IAQ Kit

From device to cloud, Milesight one-stop IAQ solution can help to reduce risk, alert you of unqualified issues, and sustain good conditions.

What’s in this iBox Kit?>>

ibox-kit-poc-limited-offer-iaq-kit   iBox CoWork Kit

Milesight CoWork Solution provides drop-in IoT connectivity that can help drive unparalleled device-collaborated flexibility, offering and managing a live overview of your workplace from cool to crucial.

What’s in this iBox Kit?>>

ibox-kit-poc-limited-offer-cowork-kit   iBox Smart Building Kit From hardware to software, Milesight Smart Building Solution offers a pervasive IoT connectivity that can help enable data insight, analyses and visualization in minutes. What’s in this iBox Kit?>>

ibox-kit-poc-limited-offer-smart-building-kit   iBox Kit Webinar

Live webinars are back with intuitive and detailed content! Each session will include a free Q&A session. From September to November, everything about iBox Kit and IoT PoCs will be scheduled, including the product, Milesight D2D featuring LoRaWAN® , Milesight Cloud Platform and more.

Save My Seat Now>> ibox-kit-poc-limited-offer-webinar   About Milesight IoT

Milesight IoT is a fast-growing and innovation-driven technology company with a focus on 5G, AI, IoT and LoRaWAN®. With advanced IoT insights, the company helps customers worldwide optimize their business operation efficiently and sustainably in an actionable and locally adapted way. Along Milesight has been a long-term trusted partner for a massively growing IoT businesses since 2011. In collaboration with global partners, Milesight IoT is committed to building open ecosystems that generate inspirations and embrace challenges together and better.

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