Milesight and MCI Announce Channel Partnership to Drive Innovative IoT Solutions in Chile

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Xiamen, China, and Santiago, Chile, 29 March 2024 - Milesight, a pioneering provider of state-of-the-art IoT solutions, is thrilled to announce partnership with MCI, a renowned technology solutions provider. This momentous collaboration signifies a significant milestone as two dynamic organizations, MCI and Milesight, unite their strengths to introduce an array of groundbreaking IoT products to the Chilean market. With a shared vision of driving innovation, this partnership aims to unlock new growth opportunities while delivering unparalleled quality solutions to businesses and consumers alike.


Driven by a dedication to addressing the ever-evolving IoT needs of the global market, Milesight has successfully served customers across more than 120 countries and regions while actively expanding its global footprint. MCI, on the other hand, specializes in delivering industrial and commercial IoT solutions, empowered by their extensive product portfolio, streamlined stock management, highly skilled team, and profound industry expertise. By joining forces, Milesight and MCI aspire to elevate the customer experience in Chile by ensuring swift response times and efficient services through the capabilities offered by MCI. Together, they are poised to deliver comprehensive, tailored solutions that cater to the specific requirements of customers in this dynamic market.


The partnership with MCI stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to expanding its global reach, ensuring prompt responsiveness, and delivering efficient support to the targeted market. With the synergistic integration of Milesight's expertise and MCIs capabilities, the collaboration seeks to foster innovation and provide transformative solutions that enhance operational efficiency, sustainability, and overall performance for our valued customers, said Leon Jiang, the Vice President of Milesight, with enthusiasm about the collaboration.


Milesight is widely recognized for its strong commitment to innovation and excellence in quality, values that we deeply share and admire. We are thrilled to integrate their outstanding products into our catalog, which will undoubtedly further enhance the quality and variety of solutions we offer to our customers. We firmly believe that this new partnership marks the beginning of a strategic collaboration that will enable us to provide cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled quality to our clients. We are determined to strengthen our relationships with renowned suppliers like Milesight while expanding our catalog with innovative industrial products and solutions, said Paul Aguayo, CEO of MCI Electronics.


We are eager to explore all the possibilities and opportunities that this collaboration holds for us. Together, we are confident that we will reach new levels of success and customer satisfaction, Paul continued with confidence.


About MCI

MCI Electronics is a company specialized in the design, manufacturing, and commercialization of electronic devices for rapid prototyping. We offer components, integrated circuits, equipment, tools, and kits along with examples and tutorials so that our clients can develop their complex ideas easily and quickly.

Our products aim to facilitate the development of prototypes and specialized solutions by reducing the barriers presented by the use of new technologies. This way, our clients can start with pre-tested blocks that come with usage examples to guide them in achieving their objectives quickly and effectively.


About Milesight

Milesight offers multi-potential sensing products to capture the most meaningful data and makes it accessible across diverse applications. It innovatively applies emerging technologies such as Al, 5G, and loT to distinct use scenarios. With a commitment to making sensing matter, Milesight quickly responds to customer-specific challenges and collaborates with an expanding network of partners to deliver unique data value. It is determined to make real, positive impacts in smart buildings, intelligent traffic, intelligent security, smart cities, and beyond.


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