Milesight LoRaWAN® Controller Is Upgraded with Prettier Design and Stronger Power Supply

controller upgrade Xiamen, China – March 16, 2022, Recently, Milesight has announced its new logo as part of the ongoing evolution of Milesight brand towards AIoT. Coming with the new brand identity, the new version of outdoor LoRaWAN® controllers has been released out to the market with upgraded appearance and performance. And today, we are excited to introduce what changes have happened on the UC501/UC502 outdoor LoRaWAN® Controller & UC511/UC512 LoRaWAN® Solenoid Valve Controller.


comparison of lorawan controller
  • Design a brand-new enclosure with smaller size and brighter sense of color
  • The PVCsticker design of UC502 & UC512 has changed with the theme of IoT technology


details of upgrades of lorawan controller
  • Extend the power supply time of serial ports to 10 minutes for UC501
  • Improvethe output power of solar panel in UC501 & UC511 from 1 watt to 1.6 watt
  • Increase the battery capacity of UC502 & UC512 from 19000 mAh to 27000 mAh
As a widely praised product series, Milesight LoRaWAN® Controllers have been qualified and applied to many real-world cases.

Power Plant Retransformation

Power Plant Retransformation lorawan controller Best practices to retransform the environmental protection data transmission system through the LoRaWAN® network in coal-fired power plants.

Smart Fig Plantation

Smart Fig Plantation Milesight brings LoRaWAN and sensing technology into the fig plantation,  helping farmers increase production and lower costs.

Tea Processing Monitoring

Tea Processing Monitoring LoRaWAN® wireless monitoring adopted in tea processing to guarantee tea product quality consistently and lower maintenance costs. Through these useful hardware upgrades from inside to outside, Milesight outdoor LoRaWAN® controllers are well positioned to bring better user experience and create more value to customers.  
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