Unveil the Magic of the Sensing Insights via Watching by Milesight Unique X1 Sensing Camera



Xiamen, China – April 26, 2023, to broaden the horizon and get deep insights by transforming the tangible world into digital information, Milesight officially rolls out X1 Sensing Camera. Capturing pictures, it builds a solid connection between people, objects, and applications to bring infinite possibilities.

The research, development, and launch of a new product trace back to market demands after all. But is there any exception that is born with more pursues? “Based on satisfying market demands, exploring the market, expanding the market, and even leading the market, X1 Sensing Camera is an innovative product that changes the limitations, brings values to cutting-edge fields like industrial metering, and enables various industries to upgrade at ease by integrating image, sensing capacity, and AIoT sensing platform.” said the product manager of Milesight.


Push World Forward by Deep Sensing Insights via Images


With a compact design, X1 Sensing Camera is a product that captures pictures through its 2MP high-definition “eye”. It covers up to four objects at the same time to save deployment costs while immensely improving efficiency. Available in four different modes, the capturing can be triggered and set to flexibly get images, and the lighting environments have little influence on its performance since it equips with supplement light. It is all ready for catching perfect images even in complicated environments and transforming images into sensing insights for great application values.


Wireless Deployment Brings Second-to-None Performance


With an ultra mini size more or less equal to half a cell phone, it is an exquisite device neatly blending in with the surrounding while realizing user-friendly wireless deployment. The Wi-Fi transmission and battery-basing service allow the camera to realize wireless deployment without the bothering of jumbled wires and keep it in good maintenance condition. It is designed to offer extended service life, which consumes small energy.




Integrated with AIoT Sensing Platform for Infinite Possibilities


Collaborating with Milesight AIoT Sensing Platform, X1 Sensing Camera’s values can be unleashed at maximum. The centralized management in the sensing platform makes maintenance and upgrades available even remotely, which greatly enhances flexibility and convenience. The platform receives the pictures and truly transforms them into analytical insights, the database can also be traced and checked to get long-running information. It is on its way to be more powerful, the logic solution on the application layer and AI algorithm will soon come onto the scene.




Make Applications Easy, Make Impossible Out


Replacing manpower is always the impetus for product and technology development. The application scenarios with complicated environments especially do. High-end products are urgently needed for digital transformation to get high-efficiency and optimal profits. Metering management in industries is a good example. The complicated conditions of industries make it hard to upgrade the devices themselves but manual inspection and management fairly increase the costs while by no means improving efficiency. Also, failures and deviations are inevitable. And that’s why the X1 Sensing Camera matching the AIoT Sensing Platform will play an irreplaceable role in the solution. They capture pictures and convert them into digital information, realizing remote, highly efficient, and centralized management.


Technology changes the world. And that is why X1 Sensing Camera is born. It builds a strong connection among things to realize easy upgrades and enable unlimited sensing insights for more possibilities. Find more product highlights in the video.

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