Milesight Introduces Upgraded Mobile Friendly Website to Provide Seamless Browsing Experience


Xiamen, China--December 5th, 2022, Milesight, a global AIoT solution provider, officially launched its upgraded mobile-friendly website to provide the most insightful and delightful browsing experience.


To fulfill the strategic plan, Milesight endeavors to present new offerings with its decade-long expertise and further enhances its efforts to improve efficiency from all aspects. Going along with the focus on the insights sharing, Milesight decides to reshape the mobile website so as to demonstrate its real potential and power of the brand. The site structure, the style, the content, and the way the products illustrated are all presented in a smarter, smoother and more comprehensive way.

Throughout this upgrade, Milesight puts more emphasis on the introduction to the state-of-the-art technology such as 5G, AIoT LoRaWAN® and Milesight D2D. Milesight has always been developing and expanding its new frontiers by exploring, learning and innovating the new products and services. The mobile-friendly website upgrade is a an innovative and entrepreneurial approach for users to easily access to the intelligence of what’s counting in the next decade.


A well-designed page can be taken as an another digital transformation for a company. Especially nowadays, the increased usage of smartphones has reshaped people’s browsing preferences thus making mobile-first website design a top trend. Mobile visitors tend to retain longer for videos and pictures than plain text.

Milesight seeks to convey its brand image through every page and to optimize user experience at the same time. The biggest adjustment in page design is that short clips of videos are adopted to display products in a more direct and attractive way. Through videos, authentic details of the products are well displayed; vision and benefits of Milesight’s solutions are delivered straightforwardly.


A good user-friendly experience of website navigation really matters, so the improvement of website construction and design are always top priorities at Milesight. Website visitors are expecting more responsive browsing experience. In the upgrade, the page structure are rebuilt to deliver responsive and interactive user experience. Many tabs and buttons are used in-page for users to locate and orientate easily, thus providing a seamless journey for visitors and helping them better understand and experience Milesight’s products and services.

A website is a portal and ambition to perceive a company’s brand identity. Milesight’s upgrade this time fully demonstrates its dedication to optimizing services. To redefine, redesign and rebuild, Milesight is confident to provide a faster, smoother, more responsive and interactive browsing experience to customers.

About Milesight

Milesight is a fast-growing and innovation-driven technology company with a focus on 5G, AI, IoT and LoRaWAN®. With advanced IoT insights, the company helps customers worldwide optimize their business operation efficiently and sustainably in an actionable and locally adapted way. Milesight has been a long-term trusted partner for a massively growing IoT businesses since 2011. In collaboration with global partners, Milesight is committed to building open ecosystems that generate inspirations and embrace challenges together and better.

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