LoRa Remote I/O is Officially Launched to Gear up Large-Scale IoT Deployments

XIAMEN, CHINA–March 1, 2019 – Ursalink has expanded its line of LoRa products, LoRa Remote I/O (see UC11xx), to meet the IoT market needs.


LoRa Technology is the DNA of IoT. Many Ursalink customers now use LoRa technology in their projects to take advantage of the long range and low cost features.


Supporting LoRaWAN® class C protocol, LoRa Remote I/O is in full compatibility with most LoRaWAN® gateways (check out UG65 LoRaWAN® gateway). Coupled with Ursalink Cloud (coming soon), it is ideal for large-scale IoT application deployments, such as projects for the smart city, building automation, smart metering, HVAC system, etc.


Embedded with multiple trigger conditions and actions, LoRa Remote I/O enables users to create various combinations of commands accordingly. Also, with the management on Ursalink Cloud, users can easily monitor and control remote equipment without traveling on-site back and forth.


Features of LoRaWAN Controller:

  • Compliant with LoRaWAN® 1.0/1.0.2 class C
  • Customizable conditions & programmable actions
  • Quick configuration by USB and Ursalink Cloud
  • Supporting CN470EU868AU915US915AS923
  • Reporting updated I/O status to Cloud if any changes are detected
  • Up to 10km communication distance with omni-directional antenna

UC11xx Works perfectly with:

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