A Multitude of Partners Explored Milesight Headquarters to Achieve Sustained Relationships and Collaborative Success

Xiamen, China, May 26 - Milesight, a global provider of cutting-edge IoT and video surveillance solutions, has been actively engaging in knowledge exchange and fostering partnerships with industry peers and valued clients. In addition to organizing the "Digital Sensing" offline salon events in Shenzhen and Beijing, Milesight recently opened its doors to a significant number of industry professionals at its headquarters in Xiamen.



As a leading AIoT solutions provider, Milesight has dedicated itself to the development and application of LoRa® technology as the core of its product offerings. Milesight has established a strategic partnership with Semtech, a leading enterprise in this technology. On April 24th, Mike Wong, Vice President of Semtech Asia, visited Milesight. Leon Jiang, Vice President of Milesight, provided a comprehensive overview of the company's development, applications, and collaborations in the realm of LoRa® technology over the years. Mike Wong expressed admiration for Milesight's pioneering efforts in the IoT domain and acknowledged the extensive application and promotion of LoRa® technology. This partnership between Milesight and Semtech is expected to bring significant advancements to the LoRa ecosystem. By combining expertise, resources, and technologies, the two companies aim to drive innovation, enhance connectivity, and enable the creation of a more prosperous and interconnected world.


On the same day, Mr. Winston Lee, Executive Vice President of Fortune Techgroup, also visited Milesight. Milesight's Vice President Leon Jiang provided Mr. Lee with a detailed introduction to Milesight's products, solutions, technological propositions, and services. Mr. Lee expressed his affirmation of Milesight's products and services. He believed that, given the current industry trends and policy prospects, both parties could achieve deep cooperation and excel in the field of IoT. By working together, Milesight and its partners aim to overcome challenges, share knowledge and resources, and drive the successful deployment of IoT technology in real-world scenarios.


Talent has always been a cornerstone of Milesight's corporate development. Over the years, Milesight has closely followed industry trends and attracted a substantial number of highly skilled professionals. Milesight has also established cooperative relationships with major universities to promote the company's rapid growth.


Recently, the 4th CECC (Computer Education Conference of China) took place in Xiamen. Following the conference, the participants visited Milesight. Leon Jiang provided the visiting personnel with a detailed introduction to Milesight's corporate development, brand propositions, technological applications, and talent requirements. Subsequently, the visitors toured Milesight's AIoT exhibition hall, gaining an in-depth understanding of the company's products, and solutions. The participants expressed that Milesight is a high-quality enterprise in the IoT industry. And CECC will continue to support talent cultivation, achieving mutual benefits and win-win results for both enterprise construction and talent development. Milesight will practice its mission to train more high-end talents with abundant resources for pushing better development of the IoT industry and even the whole society.


Milesight has been deeply involved in the IoT field for many years, consistently promoting the intelligent construction of the IoT ecosystem since its establishment. Milesight warmly welcomes more industry partners and clients to visit, collaborate, strengthen the industry ecosystem, and achieve mutually beneficial cooperation and win-win outcomes.

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