Milesight’s Sales Growth Soars 400 % Higher in H1 2022

Milesight’s Sales Growth Soars 400 % Higher in H1 2022

Xiamen, China, September 29th, 2022—Milesight, a fast-growing AIoT solution provider was thrilled to announce that its sales growth in H1 had rocketed over 400% compared to last year, though the first half of the year 2022 was tough due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the shortage of semiconductors in a global context, which greatly affected the availability of products delivery and caused great challenges to many enterprises.

Boosting Projects and Expanding Product Line canadian iot projects

The biggest booster for Milesight’s sales growth fell into the development in the market of North America with two flagship cases, namely the IAQ project in Canadian schools where 47,000 sensors were deployed, and the Smart Building project in Canada featuring 4400 sensors. These two projects together not only accounted for a big share of our growth, but also further drove the development of  Smart Schools and Smart Buildings in Canada, Now in these schools of Quebec, with real-time readings of IAQ parameters through AM107 in classrooms, teachers can react accordingly and students can enjoy a carefree and healthy environment. Milesight Smart Building Solution also saves a lot of trouble for the commercial building in Canada. With LoRaWAN® providing stable, wide and penetrating signals, end nodes (AM107, AM319, EM300-TH, EM500-CO2 and VS121) are working together to provide accurate environment data to the building operators. Paired with powerful AI-driven system, it is effortless to gain helpful insights to lower power consumption  and improve efficiency of the building.

  expanding iot product line

Besides, the expansion of Milesight’s product line also contributed significantly. Milesight had stepped into the AIoT world and presented many innovative products. These products drew huge attention from clients, thus attracting more potential customers and generating more successful cases. In H1 2022, Milesight further enriched its 5G products portfolio with  5G CPE UF51 and 5G Dongle UF31 to satisfy different application scenarios as well as provide outstanding 5G connectivity. To present more comprehensive IAQ solutions, Milesight also released AM307/AM319 with upgraded and more diversified sensors to meet various needs, and AM103L/AM103 with the most essential sensors to deliver a more cost-effective IAQ solution. The launch of UG63 and UC100 were also a hit drawing huge attention. The underlying reasons for the expansion of Milesight product line are the strong R&D ability that drives the innovation, following with Milesight’s well-planned market strategy.

 Targeting Vertical Markets targeting vertical market

Milesight aims for IAQ monitoring which has been a hot topic in the post-pandemic era, and smart building industry where the market demands are increasing dramatically. To enhance its competitiveness in the markets, Milesight has developed many products such as different series of IAQ sensors and CoWork series with a range of products to provide smart office solutions. It turned out that Milesight made the right choice with its precise prediction of the market.

 Growing Team milesight team

By the end of the first half of 2022, Milesight had over 700 employees, 56% of whom were from the R&D department and 15% of annual revenue were invested in R&D. Milesight continued to recruit more technical talents. Sales and marketing teams also grew stronger with more employees joining. Additionally, inside the team, with several SOPs (Standard Operation Procedure) formed and released, sales and marketing teams optimized their work procedures and become more efficient and more responsive.  With the joint effort of all team members, Milesight has acquired ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate, and ISO9001:2015 certificate which declared that Milesight implemented and maintained a Business Continuity Management Systems.

Growing and well-trained team ensured Milesight to close these major cases in a manner that had been highly praised by clients worldwide. Aligning with the brand motto, “Better inside, More in Sight”, Milesight is dedicated to providing better products as well as services to bring more partners and customers in sight.

 Increasing Brand Awareness brand awareness

With products distributed to over 129 countries and regions, Milesight has established cooperative relationships with many partners all around the world and built a good reputation among clients, partners and the IoT ecosystem. The successful deployment of two cases in Canada also draw many spotlights for Milesight, and successful cases in other regions such as Hong Kong, Austria, Australia and etc, also further facilitated Milesight’s expansion of its global presence as well as brought in many potential customers.

Aside from that, frequent engagements with the key players such as Semtech, Actility, Senet and etc. in target industries, active participation in exhibitions or conferences even though the pandemic caused many hurdles in Milesight’s way to these exhibitions and conferences,  and main media’s covering have all contributed to Milesight’s increasing brand awareness.

 Vision for Future milesight vision for future

Moving forward to the next half, there are several innovative products and solutions to be released, such as occupancy & people counting sensors and  smart toilet solutions. Milesight has confirmed confidence to consolidate the results of H1, even though the macroeconomic context remains uncertain and chip shortage continues affecting the world. We believe that in the second half of 2022, Milesight will dig deeper into its target vertical markets of IAQ and Smart Buildings, as IAQ solution demonstrates its significance in the post-pandemic era, and meanwhile the needs for smart building solution are also increasing rapidly for higher energy efficiency and lower power consumption. Constant innovation and development in products and professional team will lead the way. Milesight will strive forward to a better performance as always!

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