Ursalink Unveils Rugged SMS Remote I/O to Turn Data of Remote Devices into Insights

XIAMEN, CHINA–October 31, 2018–Ursalink has expanded its line of wireless product. That is to say, Ursalink unveils SMS Remote I/O (see UC1x14 GSM Controller) to meet the market needs. For example, it can monitor and control remote devices with multiple inputs and outputs.

As a matter of fact, UC1x14, the first product of Ursalink SMS Remote I/O (GSM Controller), is now available. Featuring USSD and SMS communication technology, UC1x14 offers a cost-effective remote control solution for customers. Also, Ursalink will expand the product line with 3G/4G LTE technology to help customers control the remote devices.

Consequently, to better manage devices in remote areas and harsh environments, UC1x14 maximizes its monitoring efficiency. In addition, UC1x14 can attach to electronic devices used at home, in offices, or on any other sites.

sms-remote-i/o Featured functionalities of UC1x14: Customizable Alarm Message Built-in Timer and Hardware Watchdog Easy to Operate by USSD or SMS remotely Password Protection to Prevent Unauthorized User Hundreds of Combinations of Trigger Condition and Action  

To sum up, having integrated the remote I/O solutions for IIoT market, Ursalink UC1x14 brings efficiency benefits to our customers simply and affordably.

Click here to learn more about UC1x14.  

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