Ursalink and LORIOT Announce New Gateway Integration to Deliver Fully Integrated LoRaWAN® Connectivity


Xiamen, China, and Thalwil, Switzerland – August 13, 2019, – Ursalink, a global M2M hardware provider, and LORIOT, a global IoT company today announced the completion of the software integration between the Ursalink LoRaWAN® gateway and the LORIOT network server.

As data collection, storage and retrieval increasingly expand within today’s IoT world, LoRa technology continues to be rolled out across “internet of things” globally to accelerate LoRaWAN® and IoT adoption.

Becoming one of the LoRaWAN® gateway partners of LORIOT, Ursalink believes that it can support customers to easily and efficiently manage and provision Ursalink LoRaWAN® gateways on LORIOT network servers and reduce heavy work on in-progress management.

The integration between Ursalink and LORIOT has already led to benefits for customers and resellers: with *LORIOT server version 5.0 and the Loriot binary created for the Ursalink UG85/UG85 LoRaWAN® gateway, customers will be assured to use the most secure, reliable and feature-rich gateway software/packet forwarder available. More important importantly, with the flexible LORIOT platform API outputs (HTTPS, MQTT, WebSocket, etc.), customers can eventually view the visualized data of Ursalink or third-party LoRaWAN® sensors collected in the third-party Cloud.

Through this partnership, both Ursalink and LORIOT can benefit from supporting each other streamline their own products and services, as well as attaining insights from customers on how to leverage the effect of connected LoRaWAN® devices to drive an increase in work efficiency.

Loriot Network Server Version 5.0

Version 5.0 is a major server update, which includes exciting new features and performance updates on both the backend and frontend of our network server infrastructure. Version 5.0 sees the release of our refined user interface and new key features such as LoRaWAN® passive roaming, new gateway integrations such as the Ursalink UG87 and many new security layers added with two-factor authentication and an extra TLS authentication layer for enterprise-grade gateway security.

Ursalink UG87 LoRaWAN® Gateway

  • IP67 enclosure
  • Communication range up to 11km
  • Forever-free embedded network server
  • EU868/US902/AU915/CN470/AS923/KR920

About Loriot

LORIOT is a leading global IoT company providing a secure, reliable and scalable solution to operate long-range IoT networks through a global infrastructure. LORIOT Network Server allows to set up and manage radio networks to easily integrate sensors and communicate with them over a secure and reliable connection. Its mission is to enable the Internet of Things in every corner of the globe and allow its users to deploy IoT solutions reducing cost, time-to-market and, ultimately, to transform society and people’s lives for the better, improving production processes as well as the health of our planet and humankind. Currently present in 130+ countries worldwide.

About Ursalink

At Ursalink we are passionate about the connectivity of “things” to the cloud. We leverage the value of the top trending technologies that transform the world we live in and are committed to our partners who share the same passion. We believe that the complexity of data collection, storage and retrieval can be simplified into the Cloud-intelligence. Our development and distribution of these appliances and services demonstrates our commitment to the digital transformation and continues to deliver compelling connectivity for IoT world.

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