Milesight VMS Enterprise's Change Log of Version

We are pleased to announce the release of Milesight VMS Enterprise, which enhances the integration with Milesight AI Box, resulting in a far more complete and unified Face & Human Recognition capability. Furthermore, the connectivity with people counting sensors enables users to handle people counting data from several devices from a single interface.  

New Features

1. Brand New Face & Human Recognition

Add Face Recognition that is compatible with AI Box, allowing users to centrally manage AI Box and alarm events on VMS Enterprise and increasing the feasibility of practical project applications for customers.

  • Add AI Box in the Analytics Settings interface, enabling users to add AI Box by searching for the Address and Entering the Username and Password.
  • In the Camera Configuration-VMS-end Configs-Face Recognition interface, users can customize settings such as Stranger Score Threshold and Push Strategy, etc., to tailor it to real-life scenarios and enhance accuracy.
  • The addition of Face Recognition in Event Rules allows users to configure necessary alarm actions based on different groups, enabling them to trigger alerts according to their specific requirements.

 Note: The system comes with a built-in "Stranger" group, enabling users to set up alarm actions specifically for unidentified individuals.

  • In the Smart Analytics-Face Recognition-Face Watch List interface, users can import up to 300,000 facial images and input additional information such as Name, Person ID, Department, and more, based on their specific application scenarios, which allows users to refine facial information for better customization.
  • Users can create multiple face groups in the system to meet their grouping needs. The Face Watch List enables batch importing of photos into the desired target groups, allowing for efficient categorization and
  • Additionally, users can perform relevant searches and exports based on Time Range, Name, as well as other facial or body attributes.
  • On the Dashboard interface, users can clearly see the current Event Status of AI Box.

2. IoT Connectivity with People Counting Sensors

The addition of people counting sensors enables seamless integration and expands the range of people counting metrics, including compatibility with cross-line statistical data from AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor(VS121) , 3D ToF People Counting Sensor(VS132) and AI ToF People Counting Sensor(VS133).

  • The Sensor Data Report has been added to allow users to view the people count data for individual people counting sensors.
  • To consolidate people counting data, users can add both people counting sensors (VS121/VS132/VS133) and cameras to the same group, making it convenient for them to access data from multiple devices.

Note: A maximum of 16 devices can be added to a single group.

  • Users can view people counting data from both sensors and cameras in the People Counting Report-Group People Counting.
  • The addition of IoT-People Counting enables users to set thresholds for In/Out/Sum/Capacity based on real-world application scenarios and trigger corresponding alarms.
  • Analytics-Group People Counting has been enhanced to enable unified data triggering from sensors and cameras based on different groups.

3. Enhanced Event & Alarm Functionality

  • The addition of Timer Event allows users to schedule specific time triggers for different alarm actions on target cameras, facilitating effective evidence collection.
  • The alarm action "Show Live Notice" now supports using Source Camera (One-to-One optional) or selectingother cameras as the Target, making it more compatible with users' real-world usage scenarios.
  • The alarm action "Show Text Overlay" supports synchronizing to selected users.


1. The data storage solution has been upgraded to use MySQL, aiming to enhance retrieval efficiency.

2. Optimize the Camera Configuration module, allowing Front-end and VMS-end configurations to be managed in a single interface.

3. Optimize roles permissions to achieve more flexible configurations.

  • Enhance feature-level permissions to enable more granular control of access rights.
  • The Operator and Viewer roles have been modified to custom roles, allowing users to allocate resources according to their specific requirements.
  • Refine the configuration permissions for each role on individual channels, such as Stream Only and Stream & PTZ options, etc.

4. Optimize the logic of Device Groups to make it more intuitive and aligned with practical usage.

  • Prioritize displaying the group list to make it easier for users to locate target channels based on their respective groups.
  • Device Groups have been enhanced to include the display and filtering of both cameras and IoT sensors, allowing users to distinguish between different types of devices within the system.
  • All roles are presented with their respective resources based on a unified set of groups, enabling centralized management.

5. Optimize the VMS-end Analytics Events to improve accuracy, with a particular focus on enhancing motion detection capabilities.

Bug Fixes

1. Fix the bug that VMS Client can not reconnect successfully to other VMS Servers in the system, while the server in same VLAN became offline.

2. Fix some known bugs.


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