VP Talk | Uniqueness Is What Puts Us in the Spotlight with Victory Trophy: Leon JIANG

vp talk aiot concerns on destroying jobs header In this episode of VP Talk, Milesight vice president Leon JIANG acknowledges the joint relationship between jobs and uniqueness. What we should keep in mind is irreplaceability and uniqueness in AIoT era. And that's exactly what Milesight is doing. In AIoT era, will these dramatic developments eventually destroy our jobs?

No. There is no doubt that "5G, AI and IoT" will bring us revolutionary development and immeasurable wealth opportunities for many people. Yes, some types of jobs will be replaced gradually due to the shift from labor-intensive to smart manufacturing. But it doesn’t mean that people are going to lost places in society. It is human nature to keep learning and there is always room for fast adaptors and talented people. The keywords we should bear in mind are irreplaceability and uniqueness in AIoT era.

Every time in history, new technologies have come on strong with tremendous and irresistible waves of revolution. In this case, we should be keen enough to perceive changes in advance in AIoT era. As practitioners of AIoT, we should always be committed to innovation and have respect for the industry and our work. It is helpful to never stop learning, gaining insights and experience from consistent studying. By doing so, uniqueness will be formed, and we will be the last to be replaced by technology. Furthermore, some of us may contribute to key development behind advanced technology. More importantly, we need to keep in mind the sense of responsibility and mission, knowing that we are part of something meaningful and promising, and that we can lead humanity to a greater future.

Today, many scenarios from fiction movies have become reality. For example, self-driving cars, robot dogs patrolling the streets instead of police, unmanned production factories, robot teachers teaching remotely, and the common food delivery robots we see in shopping malls and restaurants, etc. As the industry progresses, there will be more and more industries that no longer need human force, and even so, there is no need to worry too much. As I mentioned before, we just need to think about one question – am I replaceable or not?

What is it that most excites you about a future shaped by AIoT?

Through years of hard working, Milesight has many successful landing cases with inspiring effects in core fields such as smart city, smart education, smart security, smart agriculture and smart factory. In the next decade, we will start our new journey of AIoT with “video + voice + IoT + AI” technology integration. In the future, we will be committed to the development of R&D and design of AIoT products along with continuously investment increased yearly, so that “5G+AI+IoT” can achieve a synergistic effect. One plus one plus one has always been more than three at Milesight. And hopefully, more comprehensive global market's demand could be met regarding intelligent IoT products and technologies.

In addition, our teams will also continue taking cutting-edge IoT communication and artificial intelligence as the technical core. By doing this, our people are aiming to contribute more to the digital construction and intelligent management of all society. We believe, the result will be a better vigorous development of AIoT industry conducive to the best performance of building a more digital and intelligent IoT ecosystem.

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