5G Efficient Network in Special Vehicles with Milesight Cellular Router

5g efficient network and data transmission


5G is becoming more and more prevalent in all walks of life thanks to its features of high speed, massive capacity, and low latency, empowering diverse industries. In the field of special vehicles, emergency vehicles that work on the front line and race against time, such as ambulances, fire brigades, police cars, and breakdown lorries, have high requirements for communication speed and reliability. At this time, with the help of 5g efficient network, emergency vehicles easily realize real-time communication with the background monitoring center, which can set up a command and dispatch system with rapid response, grasp the course of events in the first time and enhance the efficiency of emergency command.


Milesight helps its client in Heibei, China to establish an efficient data transmission and monitoring network by deploying UR75 5G Industrial Routers in special vehicles including but not limited to emergency vehicles, armored vehicles, and airport passenger lift trucks. In this project, UR75 Industrial Router provides ultra-high network speed and enables rapid video data transmission, seamlessly connecting to the public security system and following up the situation around the vehicle in real-time.


Emergency vehicles need real-time video communication with the background control center, collect on-site audio and video information, and achieve synchronous transmission of high-definition monitoring data via the wireless network.

The available bandwidth capacity of 4G is not sufficient to support a large number of concurrent users. Once in a crowded place, the Internet speed is greatly affected.

Internet devices require access to data centers via 5G private networks provided by operators to ensure data security.

Featured Product

Milesight's best-in-class 5G Industrial Router UR75 delivers an incomparable networking solution for efficient data transmission in special vehicles.


At the initial stage of the project, a total of 50 Milesight UR75 5G Industrial Routers were installed on special vehicles such as traffic emergency command vehicles, ambulances, and fire engines.

In the case of a major traffic accident, the emergency command vehicle equipped with Milesight UR75 5G Industrial Router transmits live monitoring pictures and videos to the background command center via the reliable, rapid, and safe 5G network. By this way, traffic departments can quickly understand the accident situation and provide proper remote guidance so that emergency rescue work can be carried out efficiently and orderly.

As for ambulances, a remote communication channel between the ambulance and the hospital can be established by applying UR75 5G Industrial Router, and all medical terminals can quickly connect to the network. During the rescue, medical staff can communicate with specialists in the hospital for consultations by leveraging high-definition videos that are empowered by 5G network. Using high-capacity and low-latency remote wireless communication, all data such as videos, patient's vital signs and treatment measures in the ambulance are collected, stored, and uploaded to HIS (Hospital Information System) in real-time to ensure the integrity of medical data in the early stage.

Key Benefits

5G network essentially bridges the shortage of 4G bandwidth and quickly meets the requirements of on-site deployment.

Live image data on the cameras on each vehicle can be viewed in real-time from the special vehicle and the monitoring center.

The terminal equipment of the command vehicle is connected to the data center through the 5G private network of the operator, ensuring data security.

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